AAP FactCheck Organisational Structure

Australian Associated Press is a commercially-independent corporate entity founded in 1935 to provide media companies with news and information that could be shared.

Its shareholding structure is News Corp Limited (44.74%), Fairfax Media Limited (44.74%), West Australian Newspapers Limited (8.25%) and Harris Enterprises Pty Limited.

AAP derives income from subscriptions to its news and information services.

AAP is an independent and non-partisan organisation and, as such, funding partners neither seek nor are granted any influence over editorial operations.

AAP FactCheck is funded by a targeted allocation from AAP’s general newsroom budget, with supplementary funding provided by the Google News Initiative project.

These funds are used directly to employ a team of four journalists to undertake work on AAP FactCheck. The funds also support management, administrative and IT resources required to publish AAP FactCheck content.