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CompAir Launch the New DX Series of Oil-free Screw Compressors Offering Lowest Cost of Ownership and Up to 7% Energy Reduction

PRNewswire February 17, 2023

MELBOURNE, Australia, Feb. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CompAir, a global provider of extensive range of reliable, energy efficient compressors, dryers and accessories, is proud to announce the launch of the new DX series range of oil-free screw compressors, offering the lowest total cost of ownership on the market, with up to 8% higher flow rates, up to 7% energy reduction and guaranteed air purity.

CompAir DX series of oil-free screw compressor


CompAir DX series of oil-free screw compressor

Operators in the industrial and process industries are experiencing substantial increases in electricity prices, and many customers are looking for new ways to lower the impact of their compressed air energy consumption and mitigate for further price increases. The new DX series has been designed to deliver rapid payback, featuring a wide range of performance improvements to help lower costs and improve reliability for applications requiring the highest levels of air purity.

Available in both fixed and variable speed, with models ranging from 200 kW up to 355 kW, the new compressor range offers both air and water-cooled variants, enabling customers to select the ideal configuration for their application.

A completely redesigned air end delivers up to 8% better efficiency and improved flow. The optimised radial inlet design reduces pressure drop across the package, while cooling jackets on both stages of compression maximise heat transfer, keeping the rotors running at low temperatures compared to other designs. Premium models in the range use water in the cooling jackets for even greater efficiencies.

The air end also prioritises equipment reliability and longevity and can withstand even the harshest operating conditions. Ambient temperatures up to 46℃ ambient temperatures can be managed easily as standard. Both the rotors and the internal surfaces of the cast iron compression chambers are coated with a special Ultracoat™ treatment to eliminate corrosion. A 6% improvement in moisture separator efficiency prevents any water entering the next compression stage, with further corrosion protection provided by the stainless-steel rotors at the second stage.

100 % Oil-free Design

All models in the new DX series range are Class Zero certified according to ISO 8573-1:2010, with virtually no risk of contamination in the production process. The air-cooled models feature a stainless-steel after cooler, with aluminium inter and oil coolers mounted in a floating configuration for superior reliability and heat transfer. The water-cooled models incorporate stainless steel tubing and fitting as standard, with a high-quality shell and tube construction, which is mounted horizontally for ease of maintenance.

Enhanced Efficiency

Variable speed models offer best-in-class turndown rates of up to 71%. This technology enables the compressor to be optimised to meet the demand for plant air, adjusting automatically to peaks and troughs in demand. 

For even higher levels of energy efficiency, a range of heat recovery options are available enabling customers to reclaim as much as 94% of the heat that would otherwise be wasted to the atmosphere.

An intelligent IP55 electric motor on the fixed speed models and an IP54 variant on the variable speed packages is fitted as standard. This is matched precisely to the requirements of the compressor, which enables the motor to develop peak efficiency and power factor at full load. The motor design also permits a lower temperature rise, for enhanced reliability.

Uncompressed Reliability

Ease of service and maintenance has been considered at all design stages, with quick access to all the main compressor components via removable, hinged doors.

All models in the range are monitored, controlled and protected by the Xe microprocessor controller.  The user-friendly interface helps operators to monitor compressor parameters continuously, with full web connectivity. In addition, all models are compatible with the CompAir’s iConn digital cloud platform, enabling service teams to monitor the compressed air system remotely and predict when maintenance or service is required, to avoid the likelihood of any equipment downtime.

To find out more, please visit https://www.compair.com/oil-free-compressors

About CompAir

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