3 Highlights of Huawei’s Green Intelligent OptiX Network will be unveiled at MWC 2023

PRNewswire February 21, 2023

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Driven by the needs of the smart society, the bandwidth requirements of the campus, industrial interconnection, enterprise and home scenarios are increasing, and people’s demand for network connectivity is developing at a speed far faster than we can imagine. Connectivity is gradually becoming the cornerstone of a smart society, greatly promoting communication and collaboration in all areas of global society and economy, and directly affecting the development of education, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and other industries.

As the most environmentally friendly and low-carbon communication medium, fiber is the medium of choice for the sustainable development of fixed networks. The development of all-optical network can greatly support the green development of social economy. As the cornerstone of fixed broadband network construction, the green all-optical network can provide a sustainable gigabit experience. Nowadays, “Gigabit Optical Network” is effectively promoting the rapid spread of various smart applications with its ultimate user connectivity experience, and its technology, network, ecology and users are developing rapidly around the world. In the future, with the emergence and popularity of new technologies and applications such as VR, AR, and 8K video, the “Gigabit Optical Network” needs to be upgraded to a ubiquitous 10 Gigabit connectivity.

To promote the rapid spread of “Gigabit Optical Network” and support the future upgrade to ubiquitous 10 Gigabit connectivity, during MWC 2023 from February 27 to March 2, Huawei will work with leading operators and industry leaders to discuss the “Green Gigabit All-Optical Network”. Additionally, Huawei will launch three innovative solutions for the F5.5G era to help the industry stride to 10Gbps Everywhere.

Highlight 1: Seize the moment, see how green all-optical connection unleashes gigabit experience

On February 27, Huawei will participate in the Green All-Optical Forum organized by IDATE, a leading European consulting organization. IDATE will release the “Green Fiber Network for Gigabit Experience White Paper” and present awards to leading operators for their excellent practices. Huawei will release the Green Intelligent OptiX target network architecture to help upgrade connectivity. The event will bring together key players to explain the future direction of the connectivity industry and business growth points, and discuss the new opportunities and challenges of green gigabit all-optical networks.

Highlight 2 The future is here, watch 3 new products and solutions released

On February 27, please pay attention to the launch of Huawei products and solutions. Richard Jin, President of Huawei’s optical business product line, will release 3 new products and solutions, striding to 10Gbps and helping the development of end-to-end green all-optical network with all-optical home, 10 Gigabit ultra-wide and all-optical metro network. Huawei’s FTTR series is upgraded again: six upgrades of beauty, rate, coverage, roaming, concurrency, and service, lighting up the digital life of every family, enhancing broadband competitiveness for operators, improving user stickiness, and embracing new opportunities in the trillion dollar market; next-generation PON technology, supporting the smooth evolution of network construction across the board, accelerating the journey to 10 Gigabit; the original all-optical metro network solution creates a metro WDM network with simplest architecture and ultimate experience, redefining green all-optical network.

Highlight 3: Be in the present, looking to the future, see all-optical showcase house and exhibition booth for Premium Intelligent Connectivity to showcase successful business practices and latest solutions

From February 26 to March 2, Huawei’s all-optical showcase house and the exhibition booth for Premium Intelligent Connectivity will showcase successful business practices and cutting-edge technologies for green all-optical networks. At SB Plaza Hotel (about 750m from the MWC exhibition hall), Huawei will join hands with the world’s leading operators to showcase successful business practices of all-optical networks, take a glimpse of the application of new OTN premium private lines in large groups and small and medium-sized enterprises, and experience the new all-optical metro area solutions with optimal TCO; watch the business practices of FTTR series products in homes and small and micro enterprises, and experience 2000Mbps high-speed Wi-Fi and E2E marketing equipment tools. At the Fira Gran Via Hall 1 1H50, Huawei will showcase a number of all-optical connectivity solutions, including 10G PON, FTTR, 400G, all-optical metro network, successful commercial practices of global operators and cutting-edge technologies to support the future evolution to F5.5G.

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