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Noodoe, Schokolake deliver a fun-filled, hassle-free EV charging experience to Miaoli, Taiwan

PRNewswire February 24, 2023

Are you eating “cocoa” or just “cocoa flavor”?

TAIPEI, Feb. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Most Taiwanese have the same feeling about chocolate: it’s sweet, oily and unhealthy. However, studies reveal that the main factor that makes chocolate unhealthy is not the cocoa, which is the essence of chocolate, but rather the artificial additives and excessive sugar that was always added before the advent of Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR). In fact, cocoa contains many antioxidant ingredients that help reduce inflammation and has been proven to be beneficial to cardiovascular and brain health.

Note: On January 11, the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare issued an enactment entitled “Amendments to the Name and Labeling Requirements for Chocolate” and removed the label regulation on CBR chocolate. Products containing vegetable oil exceeding 5% of the total weight shall no longer be allowed to be labeled as “chocolate”.

The history of affordable chocolate in Taiwan

Schokolake is located along Provincial Highway 3, a scenic route that connects Dahu and Tai’an. The Old Chocolate House on the Schokolake property is a century-old building with roof beams. The owner of Schokolake has transformed the building into an  afternoon tea studio for families who enjoy making their own tea, as well as a locale where visitors can stock up on real chocolate at an affordable cost. They can also watch the chocolate being made by hand by a friendly and accommodating staff.

Top quality Made-in-Taiwan chocolate

The owner of Schokolake became apprehensive once the health concerns around chocolate started to circulate, so he set about to answer these concerns and fought back against the stereotypical image of the commodity by “making fine chocolate affordable”. He collaborated with upstream manufacturers to go back to the source — Ecuador, the production region of top-quality cocoa beans — and developed BEANS TO BAR, the first production line in Taiwan with high standard production environment and strict quality control. Furthermore, he looked to his neighbors, the farmers who grow the famous Dahu strawberries in Miaoli County, and worked with them to solve the issue of excess inventory at the end of the strawberry harvesting period. By working hand in hand with the farmers, he was able to deliver the best chocolate tasting experience in Taiwan.

Cooperation with the world’s leading charging brands

The owner of Schokolake understands why electric vehicles (EVs) owners remain such a minority: it’s due to the combination of range anxiety (how far it is to the next charging station) and charging anxiety (the condition of the charging piles once the driver arrives at the station) that the prospective buyer of an EV has to contend with. Miaoli is a town that everyone driving between the north and south ends of the island has to pass through. This made him realize that he was in the perfect position to do something for EV drivers who were worried about completing the journey without running out of battery power. He identified the perfect partner for the project: Noodoe. “Noodoe has a complete installation planning and the best after-sales service that can help me with operations and management, customer service and after-sales management. What surprised me most is that they have a professional marketing team that understands my sector, and even helps me promote the ‘chocolate’ culture, which not only allows me to focus on creating more affordable boutique chocolate, but also make contribution to reducing the carbon footprint in and around Miaoli.”

Noodoe x Schokolake – a hassle-free experience and an exclusive line-up of benefits for EV owners

Soon, EV owners will no longer have to worry about running down their battery, a concern especially during the cold winter months, when they travel through Miaoli as Schokolake will provide hassle-free charging service alongside a line-up of exclusive benefits. Any driver who has charged their vehicle at the Noodoe charging station on the Schokolake property can enter Schokolake for free (this right is not transferable). EV owners who spend the night at Schokolake can enjoy any one of the do-it-yourself chocolate experiences (choosing from dream house, childlike fun, lollipop and exquisite handmade chocolate experiences). EV owners can not only benefit from the hassle-free charging service, but also experience the charm of Schokolake.

  • Promotional period: From now until June 30, 2023
  • Access: Use the Noodoe EV charging station at Schokolake
  • Benefits:
  1. EV owners can enter Schokolake for free (not transferable to third parties)
  2. EV owners can enjoy a chocolate DIY (choosing from one of the experiences: dream house, childlike fun, lollipop and exquisite handmade chocolate)


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