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Chinese modernization responsible for China, benefits the world

PRNewswire March 9, 2023

BEIJING, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A report from People’s Daily: Green is becoming a defining feature in China. The country has launched the world’s largest carbon trading market, and ranks first globally in terms of the development and utilization scale of renewable energy as well as new energy vehicle output and sales.

Wild populations of over 300 rare and endangered flora and fauna species have been restored and increased thanks to China’s efforts and nature reserves have covered 18 percent of the country’s total land area. A magnificent picture of human-Nature harmony is unfolding.

Respecting Nature, following Nature’s laws, protecting Nature and promoting harmonious coexistence between man and Nature are distinctive features of Chinese modernization.

Chinese modernization is committed to sustainable development and to the principles of prioritizing resource conservation and environmental protection and letting Nature restore itself. It will continue to pursue a model of sound development featuring improved production, higher living standards, and healthy ecosystems to ensure the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.

Chinese modernization proves that eco-environmental protection and economic development are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Building an eco-civilization and promoting green, low-carbon and circular development can meet people’s growing demand for a beautiful environment, and achieve higher-quality, more efficient, fairer, more sustainable and safer development.

As a developing country with more than 1.4 billion people, China doesn’t follow the old path of Western developed countries. It pursues human-nature harmony when striving for modernization, which is responsible for both itself and the rest of the world.

Erik Solheim, former executive director of the UN Environment Programme, noted that the concept of ecological civilization is not just something for China, but a model that can influence and inspire the rest of the world. He believes China’s successful practices in building an ecological civilization have offered valuable experiences for the international community.

Chinese modernization reflects the country’s philosophy of helping others while pursuing one’s own success.

Over the past decade, China has been among the countries with the fastest energy intensity reduction in the world. It has overfulfilled the 2020 target of cutting carbon emission intensity by 40 to 45 percent. As a result, a total of 5.8 billion tons less of CO2 is emitted, which is another example of Chinese development benefiting the world.

China now has the world’s largest carbon market and biggest clean coal-fired power generating system, and is working actively and prudently toward the goals of reaching peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.

The country is vigorously building a green Silk Road in the implementation of green development, environmental protection and climate cooperation.

Besides, it took the lead by investing 1.5 billion yuan (about $217.21 million) in establishing the Kunming Biodiversity Fund, so as to support biodiversity conservation in developing countries.

SOURCE People’s Daily

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