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Ningbo of China: Anchoring the Goal of “Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality”

PRNewswire March 11, 2023

NINGBO, China, March 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, Ningbo, an eastern coastal city in China, has accumulated a lot of experience and practices in various fields of ’emission peak and carbon neutrality’ such as the digital and intelligent energy management, the low carbonization of industrial parks, the environmental protection of ports, and the realization of ‘lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets’, and has achieved remarkable results.” The NPC deputy who came to Beijing to participate in the two National Sessions (NPC & CPPCC) this time, Ye Miao, director of the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, brought the “Proposal on Facilitating Ningbo Building a Coastal Model City based on the ‘Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality'”.

Residential photovoltaic projects" realizing common prosperity for all in Longguan Township, Haishu District, Ningbo, China

This year’s Report on the Work of the Government has mentioned: Continuing the transition to green development. Pollution prevention and control should be intensified. We should improve policies for green development, develop the circular economy, promote efficient and intensive use of resources, advance energy conservation and carbon reduction in key areas, and continue working to keep our skies blue, waters clear, and lands clean. On the eve of the two National Sessions, China’s first blue carbon auction was held in Xiangshan, Ningbo, which has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. Blue carbon, also known as blue carbon exchange reserves or marine carbon exchange reserves, is a master of capturing carbon dioxide as well as a treasure trove of storing carbon dioxide, and has a carbon storage cycle reaching several thousand years. In the context of accelerating the construction of emission peak and carbon neutrality, global blue carbon trading is becoming more and more active. The first shot of the blue carbon trading has achieved success in Xiangshan. It was Ningbo’s first exploration to shape the national blue carbon trading market, and it was also Ningbo’s first beneficial exploration of the practice of emission peak and carbon neutrality.

After the release of the major strategic deployment of “China strives to achieve emission peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060″, Ningbo has striven effort fully with its actions and has taken the lead in the pilot project of carbon credit evaluation services nationwide. Through the construction of application scenarios, the carbon capabilities and carbon assets of enterprises were comprehensively characterized, providing accurate services for inclusive small and micro loans. “Residential photovoltaic projects” realizing common prosperity for all in Longguan Township, Haishu District, Ningbo, China use the industry models of photovoltaic villages to awaken the “dozed” roof resources of the countryside, so that the green industries can revitalize the rural areas. At the same time, Ningbo has also promoted the high-quality development of green petrochemical industry clusters by establishing a “chemical industry brain” as well as the dual-core engine of “industrial brain + future factory”. In 2022, chemical enterprises in Zhenhai District have applied the energy consumption analysis of the chemical industry brain to carry out 13 projects regarding equipment transformation and upgrading as well as process optimization, saving about 5,000 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon emissions by about 11,000 tons.

In 2023, Ningbo will co-ordinate the “four dimensions” of economic growth, energy security, carbon emissions, and residents’ lives, promote the carbon reduction, pollution abatement, expansion of environmental protection and growth accordantly, actively and steadily encourage the emission peak and carbon neutrality, and implement the “Top Ten Actions for Emission Peak”.

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