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The social enterprise, Chia-Hung Gifts & Souvenirs, Cares for the Vulnerable and Its Brand, “Happinessegg,” Introduces Organic Dried Fruits to Create a Triple-Win Situation.

PRNewswire November 9, 2023

KAOHSIUNG, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Chia-Hung Gifts & Souvenirs Co from Taiwan has emerged as a distinguished leader in the souvenir and social enterprise sector. The company’s recent accolades include the prestigious “National Quality Gold Award,” “Taiwan’s No. 1 Brand Award,” “Taiwan Excellent Quality Award,” and “National Excellent Product Award.” These four accolades serve as a testament to Chia-Hung Gifts & Souvenirs Co‘s unwavering dedication to product quality and its profound commitment to social responsibility.

Established in 2016, Chia-Hung Gifts & Souvenirs Co is a social enterprise that originated with the concept of souvenirs. Dr. Chien-Hung Chen, the company’s founder, holds a Ph.D. degree earned in the United States, with master’s degrees in business administration and statistics. Upon his return to Taiwan, Dr. Chen dedicated himself to teaching mathematics at his alma mater, Tainan Second Senior High School, and took on the role of a club advisor. He also initiated the “Kaohsiung Reading Club,” where he volunteered to mentor disadvantaged groups in remote and marginalized communities. Driven by a strong sense of social responsibility and recognizing the challenges faced by non-profit organizations in fundraising, he made the bold decision to establish a commercial entity, CHIA-HUNG GIFTS & SOUVENIRS CO, with souvenirs as its starting point. Simultaneously, he focused on addressing food safety concerns.

Under the brand name “Happinessegg,” Chia-Hung Gifts & Souvenirs Co has become synonymous with premium products that offer natural goodness without the use of chemical additives. Dr. Chen’s business philosophy, centered on “Never forget the original intention, and persist with dedication,” began with Taiwan’s iconic braised snacks and later expanded to include dried fruits and other product categories. Notably, each fruit used in their products is traceable and sourced from high-quality organically grown crops. Low-temperature drying processes are employed to maintain the fruits’ original flavors and optimal nutritional content. The brand also offers products such as cookie that undergoes meticulous processing and vacuum packaging, providing consumers with healthy snack options.

With an emphasis on social responsibility, Chia-Hung Gifts & Souvenirs Co focuses on a range of all-natural, additive-free dried fruits, as its primary product lines, with the “Happinessegg” brand serving as the company’s emblem. In the fast-paced and complex environment of modern life, dining should be a source of relaxation, and the company’s product lines are designed with this principle in mind. As a result, their products have been well-received and praised by consumers for their quality.

The “Happinessegg” product range includes natural dried fruits, fruit teas, fruit snacks, and fruit sticks, all inspired by Taiwan’s unique culinary offerings. Notably, their chewy honey-glazed date snacks, made using a special process, have become a standout product. These date snacks are prepared by simmering with rock sugar and honey and drying using a modern fruit-drying method, resulting in a slightly crispy exterior and a chewy interior, ensuring a delightful, non-cloying sweetness. These snacks are rich in iron, dietary fiber, pectin, vitamins, and trace elements, offering digestive, tonic, and nutritional benefits.

Furthermore, the “Happinessegg” dried fruit products strictly adhere to not adding any chemicals, offering healthy dietary fiber to consumers and allowing them to savor the most genuine natural flavors. They manually slice fresh, high-quality fruits and employ low-temperature drying for over 30 hours to retain the original taste, aroma, and nutrients. This unwavering commitment to the quality and texture of the fruits results in a noticeable difference.

Chia-Hung Gifts & Souvenirs Co‘s guiding philosophy is reflected in every detail of their products. They adhere to the principle that “what goes into your mouth must also enter our stomachs” and emphasize that flavors customers love are flavors they also cherish. Additionally, they strive to use high-quality local agricultural products, creating more possibilities for a win-win-win scenario, benefiting the enterprise, small-scale farmers, and vulnerable communities.

Moreover, their longan snacks undergo a special roasting process, distinct from traditional mechanical processing. This unique roasting process demands time and patience, but the outcome is longan snacks that are renowned for their unique chewy texture and aroma. This painstaking production process is a task few are willing to undertake in rural areas, but the result is truly commendable. The “Happinessegg” fruit snacks range also includes guava, mango, and pineapple snacks, with each fruit undergoing special treatment to preserve its juiciness, aroma, and nutritional value.

Chia-Hung Gifts & Souvenirs Co‘s success is not just reflected in the product quality and texture but also in its unwavering commitment to social responsibility. Their products have not only received multiple domestic and international certifications and awards but they also actively engage in social welfare activities, bringing education and economic opportunities to rural areas, ultimately achieving a win-win-win scenario for the enterprise, small-scale farmers, and vulnerable communities.

With the success of the “Happinessegg” brand in both domestic and international markets, this social enterprise will continue to offer consumers more deliciousness and happiness through high-quality products and a strong sense of social responsibility.

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