Our standards

September 2, 2020


AAP Standards upholds the high standard of journalism in all formats to promote trust and confidence in AAP’s news service by:

  • Reinforcing AAP’s stated principles of accuracy, fairness, balance and independence
  • Advising on policies, standards and style guides to keep pace with changing community attitudes
  • Reviewing newsroom responses to external complaints and to criticisms of the AAP news service to ensure they are fair and timely
  • Providing an independent appeal and response procedure for external complainants
  • Reporting to the executive management team on key editorial performance metrics


AAP Standards holds regular quarterly meetings, with additional meetings scheduled as needed to address complaints. The committee is comprised of independent chair and two other AAP staff members not involved in daily editorial operations. The chair is appointed by the CEO for a minimum two-year term.

Scope and Authority

The committee will:

  • Respond to all complainants.
  • Provide actionable recommendations on editorial issues as required to the Editor-in-Chief, who will provide a timely response. If the response is deemed unsatisfactory, the committee may refer the matter to the CEO.
  • Reconsider and investigate complaints on appeal without fear or favour.


AAP is committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, impartiality and fairness. AAP is a member of, and is bound by our own Code of Practice, and the Standards of Practice drafted by the Australian Press Council.


If you believe AAP has breached its standards, please contact us at standards@aap.com.au.

If you are not satisfied by the response you receive from AAP Standards, you may contact the Australian Press Council at info@presscouncil.org.au, by phone on +61 2 9261 1930, or via this form.