Case study: Fairfax Digital

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Case Study: Fairfax Digital

Fairfax Digital is responsible for the website, mobile and tablet versions of some of Australia’s leading mastheads including The Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne’s The Age and The Canberra Times. These respected news brands pride themselves on leading the national conversation in current affairs, particularly when it comes to matters political and economic. Fairfax has positioned itself as a digital-first publisher and enjoys a large share of news site readership in Australia.

Meeting a business need

With hundreds of readers’ comments flooding into Fairfax Digital’s news sites daily, the need for a full-time moderation service became pressing. Fairfax enjoys a literate and opinionated readership of its publications but the online conversation still needs curation. The challenge was to find a partner who understood that smart comment moderation is not about censorship but is an aide to coherent online conversation. Moderators must understand the publisher’s objectives and also be ever vigilant for libellous or objectionable material. Fairfax turned to AAP’s Pagemasters business for help with comment moderation.

Benefits to Fairfax Digital

  • Immediate improvement in the quality and quantity of online comments and conversations
  • Ability to open more stories for comment, and readers likely to return for more
  • A full-time moderation service dedicated to its news sites
  • Moderators stay right on top of current events and trending topics
  • Moderators capable of posting upward of 150 comments an hour