Scientists want volunteers in regional Queensland to take part in a coronavirus vaccine trial. Image by David Crosling/AAP PHOTOS


COVID-19 vaccine trials in regional Qld

2020-08-20 12:09:01

The first human trials for a COVID-19 vaccine outside of Australia’s major cities are being launched in Queensland.

Scientists are calling for healthy volunteers to take part in the clinical trial which aims to identify the optimal dose and safety of a COVID-19 vaccine developed by US biotechnology company Novavax.

The trials by the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) are open to people from the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay areas, north of Brisbane.

“Bringing COVID-19 research to the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay allows these communities to take part in the race to resolve a global pandemic, hopefully accelerating the arrival of a viable vaccine,” USC Clinical Trials director Lucas Litewka said in a statement.

Health Minister Steven Miles said it was great to see Queenslanders involved in the global fight against the coronavirus.

“There is plenty of scientific talent in our regional universities and we are all in this fight together,” he said.

Volunteers must be healthy, aged between 18 and 84 and non-smokers who have not contracted COVID-19.