Authorities are cracking down on criminals preying on the vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis. Image by Dave Hunt/AAP PHOTOS


Cyber spies crack down on virus scammers

2020-04-08 14:28:04

Australian cyber spies are cracking down on foreign crooks targeting households and businesses with scams and attacks during the coronavirus crisis.

Telecommunications and IT companies have also been enlisted to block and destroy malicious websites.

Some cyber criminals have posed as health professionals to exploit vulnerable Australians by infecting their computers with malware and stealing private information.

Australian Signals Directorate boss Rachel Noble described the thieves as heartless.

“Our offensive cyber campaign has only just begun,” Ms Noble said on Tuesday.

“We will continue to strike back at these cyber criminals operating offshore as they attempt to steal money and data from Australians.”

The intelligence agency is also working with Google and Microsoft to ensure people are warned about dodgy websites.