Capacity limits on public transport will be eased in New South Wales from the first of July . Image by Dean Lewins/AAP PHOTOS


Key virus restrictions to be lifted July 1

2020-06-30 15:42:33



From July 1:

* Children’s and adult community sport to resume

* A 50-person cap on indoor venues will be scrapped for a one-person per four square metres rule, including at function centres, so long as people are seated.

* Restrictions on indoor and outdoor funerals relaxed to allow one-person per four square metres.

* However, limits on household visitors and outside gatherings will remain capped at 20 people.

* Passenger limits will almost double on public transport: 

– Up to 68 people per train carriage

– Up to 23 passengers on an average, two-door bus and

– Ferries will be allowed to seat up to 250 passengers

– Customers must leave an empty seat or space between them. A green dot will continue to be used to identify the safest place to sit or stand. No dot, no spot.

* Large outdoor venues, such as sporting stadiums, with a maximum capacity of 40,000 people will be permitted to host up to 25 per cent of patrons for cultural and sporting events, which must be ticketed and seated only.


* From July 10, will allow up to 100 people at:

– Outdoor and indoor gatherings including home visitors and venues such as pubs and cinemas

– Places of worship and ceremonies including weddings and funerals

– Museums, art galleries, libraries

– Pools and community sports, gyms, health clubs and yoga studios

– Outdoor amusement parks, zoos, concert venues, arenas, auditoriums and stadiums

– Opens homes and auctions

– Casino and gambling venues, nightclubs 

– Beauty and tattoo parlours, nail and tanning salons and non-therapeutic massage parlours.

– Hiking, camping and other activities in national and state parks.

*Will announce on Tuesday whether the borders will be reopened


* Enters stage three of lifting coronavirus restrictions including

-Return to full-contact competition for all sports

– Food courts reopen

– Saunas, bathhouses and steam-based beauty services

– Strip clubs, brothels and escort agencies

* To be decided:

– Larger crowds for professional sport and entertainment venues

– Re-opening casinos, gambling and gaming venues

– Face-to-face learning at universities and other vocational training providers

– Return to work


* Some restrictions to to be lifted from July 12 including:

– Indoor and outdoor venue limits including restaurants, cafes and pubs allowed up to 50 

– Limits will also be relaxed to 50 people at auction houses, community halls, libraries, museums and places of worship.


* Border and quarantine restrictions to be lifted July 17


* All gathering and capacity restriction rules to be lifted July 18 with the state’s borders – including travel to remote Aboriginal communities – to be re-opened at a later date.



* To open its borders to NSW, Victoria and the ACT from July 20


* Border restrictions to be lifted July 24