The LNP will introduce a phonics test for students if it wins the Queensland state election. Image by AP PHOTO


LNP plans student test that spots dyslexia

2020-06-29 14:28:28

A phonics check that can detect dyslexia in Queensland primary school students will be introduced in the second half of next year if the LNP wins the October election.

Opposition leader Deb Frecklington said the phonics test would be trialled among 12,000 Year One students in 2021.

The test last up to seven minutes and not only evaluate a child’s ability to read but assist in the early detection of dyslexia, she said.

“The check would ensure children are able to read properly and of course may show signs of dyslexia,” Ms Frecklington told reporters on Sunday.

“It really is important that we catch these kids early so they don’t fall through the cracks.”

Phonics screening assesses a child’s ability to identify and apply different sounds in basic words, such as the ‘at’ in cat, to form longer and more complicated words, she explained.

By applying the tests across Year One, it will ensure any student who is in need of support will be able to get it throughout their education.

“Teachers will be empowered by the test results to apply different teaching methods to students of different reading ability levels,” she said.

The LNP stated that a Phonics Screening Check last year in South Australia showed overall improvement since trials began in 2017.

Under the proposed trial, classroom teachers would conduct the tests for their students.