Australia's highway rest stops will remain open during the COVID-19 crisis to help truckies work. Image by James Gourley/AAP PHOTOS


Truck stops to remain open during pandemic

2020-04-01 08:56:47

Truck stops and roadhouses will remain open during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure weary drivers can have a shower and a bite to eat.

Truckies have raised serious concerns about roadside diners and lounges being shut down during the COVID-19 outbreak, leaving them with nowhere to eat, sleep or go to the bathroom.

“We have heard their concerns loud and clear,” Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said on Tuesday.

“This is a common sense solution which ensures heavy vehicle drivers have access to essential amenities, can take regular breaks and eat properly whilst delivering their vital cargo.”

Strict social distancing and personal hygiene measures will be enforced at rest stops allowed to stay open.