The Federal Court has ruled allowing brumbies to run free threatens ecosystems and other species. Image by Perry Duffin/AAP PHOTOS


Fresh bid to stop Victorian brumby cull

2020-05-19 17:11:35

A plan to shoot hundreds of brumbies in Victoria’s alpine region is in doubt, amid a fresh legal bid to block the cull.

It had been due to begin on Monday after the Australian Brumby Alliance lost a Federal Court bid to protect the animals.

But Omeo cattleman Philip Maguire has asked the Supreme Court for an injunction to stop Parks Victoria’s plan to shoot hundreds of wild horses.

He earlier told 3AW he planned to drive the brumbies to his property for sanctuary and had already rescued some wild horses.

The Supreme Court was on Monday told told Parks Victoria did not intend to begin killing the brumbies before June 1.

A hearing has been set down for May 26. 

Earlier this month, Federal Court Justice Michael O’Bryan ruled allowing brumbies to run free threatened ecosystems and other species in the Bogong High Plains and Eastern Alps.

The Australian Brumby Alliance, which is not part of the latest bid to stop the cull, had argued the horses were part of the Australian Alps’ cultural heritage.

AAP has contacted Mr Maguire for comment.