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Australia’s national news agency, delivering a continuous stream of breaking news, information and photographs direct to subscribers.

Media companies have trusted AAP Newswire content for more than eight decades. Our news service sets the standard for accuracy, reliability, relevance and impartiality.

With a national network of 200 journalists, photographers and producers, AAP Newswire covers all the significant stories which shape the daily news agenda – across national and international news, politics, sports and finance.

Trusted, accurate and impartial

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News feeds

Ready-to-published stories and photos delivered as the news unfolds. All content is original - created by our team of professional journalists, producers and photographers.

Every story is carefully reviewed and verified through a rigorous sub-editing process. Stories are delivered with an SEO-crafted headline, a 20-word abstract and a “news value” ranking to enable publishers to readily identify the most important content.

News feeds are delivered via multiple channels, including APIs, FTP and our multi-media portal Newsroom. Delivery of content is customised for a subscribers’ requirements.

These content elements, workflow and delivery combine to underpin the trust subscribers have in our services.


Every day our photographers are on assignment at the most important news events, filing hundreds of images.

Additionally, AAP Photos has the world covered through our partners Associated Press (AP), European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) and PA Media.

The quality, range and volume of photographs captured each day provides subscribers with great choice to publish the right image. All images include detailed and accurate captions.

Our AAP Photos library contains more than  2 million images and video across all genres – national and international news, sports, business, entertainment and lifestyle. The library also includes a vast collection of stock images.

Commissioned content

Our team of professional journalists, photographers and videographers collaborate with clients to deliver tailored content.

Clients work with our commissioning editors to design the right editorial brief. Stories, photos and videos are created and delivered ready-to-publish.

All content meets the highest publishing standards: accurate, creative and deadline dependable.

Our clients include publishers, government agencies, business corporations, PR agencies and not-for-profit organisations.