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ExoCoBio’s First Global Regenerative Aesthetic Exosome Summit

PRNewswire August 16, 2022
  • World First Regenerative Aesthetic Exosome Summit (RAES 2022)
  • Participation of Global Exosome and Regenerative Aesthetic Authorities
  • Plan to Grow into a Global Platform for Exosome and Regenerative Aesthetic Industry in the Future

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ExoCoBio will hold the world first “Regenerative Aesthetic Exosome Summit 2022” (hereinafter the “Summit”) under the topic of exosomes at the Marriott Hotel Dongdaemun on September 17~18.

ExoCoBio’s First Global Regenerative Aesthetic Exosome Summit

This Summit, co-hosted with BENEV company of the US and LG Chem of Korea, will be the world’s largest event in the exosome industry, and attended by about 150 people including 100 doctors from 10 countries, professors, buyers and top experts such as Dr. Diane Duncan, Dr. Victor Ross, Dr. Randy Miller in the global aesthetic field.

ExoCoBio will share the significant results of clinical cases of applying ASCE+™, regenerative aesthetic product developed by ExoCoBio’s manufacturing technology, ExoSCRT™ for high-efficient and high-purity exosome, to skin and scalp. Also, the ExoSCRT™ exosomes will be introduced to have their excellent clinical efficacy and potential as a therapeutic agent.

At this Summit, in particular, Dr. Jan Lotvall and Dr. Sai Kiang Lim, two of the world’s best exosome researchers will be invited to present the latest exosome science and interact with attendees. ExoCoBio’s current Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jan Lotvall (current chief editor of the Journal of Extracellular Vesicle and former first president of ISEV (International Society for Extracellular Vesicles)) will attend as a keynote speaker and open the door on the topic of the latest exosome technology. Additionally, ExoCoBio’s Scientific Advisor and the world’s first discoverer of stem cell exosomes, Dr. Sai Kiang Lim is expected to present her experiences in research and development of exosomes over the past 15 years, from the discovery of stem cell exosomes to clinical studies. 

At the Summit, 10 doctors from the US, Spain, and Korea, etc. will have time to share clinical results directly obtained using ExoCoBio’s ExoSCRT™ exosomes and ASCE+ product on September 17th. Among them, Dr. Diane Duncan from the US is an editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and a world-class plastic surgeon serving as an IMCAS executive and will present actual clinical cases conducted in the US for the past 3 years at the Summit.

The Summit attendees will visit the ExoGMP project which is designed for the world’s first exosome GMP manufacturing facility built by ExoCoBio. It is located in the Osong Advanced Medical Complex, about 100km from Seoul. ExoCoBio has invested about USD 17M over the past 2 years to set up the 4,300㎡ facility for exosome new drug manufacturing facility and research institute. Foreign researchers and doctors plan to visit the ExoGMP project and discuss the future joint R&D and clinical studies after seeing the latest exosome manufacturing process at the facility.

Byong Seung Cho, CEO of ExoCoBio said, “Through hard work over the past 5 years, it has become the sole successful case in the world to commercialize exosome products as one of the top three global exosome companies. As a result of annual growth of more than 50% for the past 5 years, sales of KRW 24 billion and operating profit of KRW 6 billion are expected in 2022. Advanced countries such as the US also highly evaluated ExoCoBio’s technology and products, making it possible for ExoCoBio to hold the world’s first event. Through this, I think it will be an opportunity to promote ExoCoBio’s unrivaled technology and competitiveness.” He also said, “In the long run, this Summit will grow into a global platform for exosome industrialization.”

*Application for Participation: if you would like to participate in the Summit, please contact info@exocobio.com. Applicants with appropriate qualifications will be selectively invited. Unless otherwise provided, all costs are your responsibility.

About ExoCoBio, Inc. (www.exocobio.com)

ExoCoBio, as the world’s top 3 exosome biotech company, has the original technology for exosomes, and is a global leader who specializes in next generation exosome-based biologics and cosmeceuticals. It is leading the field of exosome-based medical aesthetics that help improve damaged skin worldwide, including the US, Europe, and Japan, and is also focusing on developing new drugs for serious diseases such as atopic dermatitis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.

What is Exosome?

As a major signal transmitter between cells in our body, it refers to the endoplasmic reticulum composed of various physiologically active substances of nano size (30~200nm) secreted for information exchange between cells. Secreted by one cell, it induces immune regulation or activation in other cells, and plays an important role in influencing the microenvironment around the cell. Exosomes have high potential for use in various fields such as cosmetics, diagnostics, and therapeutics because they can make effects on specific cells or strengthen active ingredients. 

SOURCE ExoCoBio Inc.

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