Frequently asked questions

What is Newswire?

AAP’s Newswire provides a continuous stream of breaking news and information – as it happens – delivered by a national network of professional journalists and producers. Stories, photographs and video, ready-to-use for all platforms and channels.


Pitch-perfect and original content covering all major stories – national, world, sport, finance and entertainment. We provide our services to a range of customers – media, corporates, government, brands/agencies, education and sporting bodies.


Newswire has a well-deserved and trusted reputation for accurate, balanced and reliable content delivery.

How do I subscribe to Newswire?

To experience Newswire today, contact us via this form and ask for a 30-day, no obligation, free trial.

I can’t log in to my Newswire account

Firstly, please check the following:


  • Have you entered the correct username/password combination?
  • Remember usernames and passwords are case-sensitive 
  • Is the Caps Lock key on?

If you are still experiencing problems, or have forgotten your username or password, please contact your account manager, or contact us via this form.

For out of hours support, please call +61 2 9322 8727 

I can’t find a certain story in my Newswire feed or subscription

Do any of the following apply?


  • The story may not have been coded for the service you subscribe to and is unavailable.
  • The story may have been removed by our editorial staff for legal or content reasons.
  • The story may be old and has been purged from the database.
  • The story may not be part of your subscription.

If you would like to know more, please contact your account manager, or contact us here.

My text service is failing

In the case of your text service dropping out, we can provide access to a back up platform to access text content.

If you receive a continuous service via FTP, we recommend that clients monitor disk space, to avoid any disruption to your service. Regular dumping of files will be required.

Please contact your account manager, or contact us here.

My subscription website is unavailable

Please consider the following:

Are you able to connect to another website?

If not, are there technical issues affecting your internet connection?

If you’re only experiencing a problem with an AAP site, please contact your account manager or contact us here.

What is Pagemasters?

AAP’s Pagemasters is a one-stop media production house, providing services including design, centralised sub-editing, digital development, editorial production, comment moderation, imaging and page-ready material.


Pagemasters works with media, corporates, government, brands/agencies, education and sporting bodies to deliver quality and cost-effective solutions.

How do I contact Pagemasters?



Call +61 3 8413 3200

What is Medianet?

AAP’s Medianet is a leading supplier of communications solutions to public relations firms, government departments, corporate communications and not-for-profit organisations.


Medianet services enable customers to effectively research, target and connect with the media. Services include press release distribution, database contact lists, media training and news monitoring.

How do I contact Medianet?



Call 1300 616 813



What is Megaform?

AAP’s MegaForm supplies essential information and data for racing – fields, form, comment, jockeys, trainers, pedigrees, results, strike rates, scratchings, track conditions, race records, blackbook service … and much more.


MegaForm produces racing form guides for Australia’s leading publishers and supplies data to web and mobile racing sites. It also provides bespoke data to trainers, punters, owners and breeders.

How do I contact Megaform?

Call 1800 811 358 



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