AAP Donors

AAP is a not-for-profit company and does not have owners. It is motivated by public interest, ensuring the news service is not influenced by third parties. Those who have donated to the creation of a desk dedicated to a specific topic area within AAP are doing so to ensure greater coverage of that subject in the Australian media landscape. The coverage produced by those desks will remain free from government, corporate, client or factional influence.

Arts Desk – Loti and Victor Smorgon Family Foundation

Agriculture Desk – John Sevior and Rebecca Gorman

Environment Desk – Multiple donors

Future Economies Desk – Boundless Earth + McKinnon Family Foundation

Indigenous Affairs Desk – Snow Foundation

Refugee Desk – Rob Keldoulis of Vivcourt

Regional and Rural Desk – Jibb Foundation

Also thanks to Google and the Jibb Foundation for their support of AAP’s cadetship programs.

AAP is also working with Google News Initiative to:

– Deliver digital skills training to journalists across Australia

– Include Indigenous journalists in the creation of AAP FactCheck articles on the voice referendum and provide that content free of charge to publishers serving Indigenous audiences, and others.