MINISO Celebrates Milestone of 200 Local Stores in India at its Fifth Anniversary of Entering Indian Market

PRNewswire August 31, 2022

NEW DELHI, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lifestyle retailer MINISO rounded off August with a series of events in India, joining hands with its local stores to celebrate five years of growth in the country. The month saw MINISO holding the India Investment Project Exchange conference that highlighted the Letters of Intent signing for 60 new stores, followed by a mega anniversary party thrown with around two hundred local MINISO stores that invited the local customer to enjoy exciting deals, free giveaways, and fun-filled activities.


Over 139 guests attended the conference held at the Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi, including MINISO’s new and old franchised store owners. Over the past five years, MINISO has attracted franchisees from a wide range of sectors – including international trade, real estate, and retail – who share MINISO’s passion for bringing quality and colorful lifestyles to customers with high-quality and premium products, as well as aim to build upon the brand’s success to further bolster and innovate the business model.

“Good and high-quality design combined with a unique shopping experience is at the very core of MINISO’s business strategy. Together with MINISO’s franchisees and stores in India, we have been striving to build a customer-centric and value-driven brand image with fantastic products and inspirational store experiences that have helped create so many successful business stories,” said Bella Tu, General Manager of MINISO Overseas Operations.

“In addition to our unparallel in-store services, we also provide a full package of support, from location selection, decoration and staff training to promotion, management and marketing, for our franchisees, working closely with them so they can replicate those success stories,” said Tyrone Li, head of MINISO India.

DK, a franchisee with over 20 years of experience in selling food ingredients and electronics to countries including China, UAE, and Nepal, owns one of the biggest franchises of MINISO in India and has made its annual revenue from MINISO investments exceeding 200 million INR. The franchised stores operated by MINISO India’s another partner at airports have also seen a two-fold growth in revenue.

MINISO has grown rapidly in India over the last five years, with the store number increasing by 45 percent compared with 2019 before the pandemic. Meanwhile, MINISO has developed a plethora of tailored products based on customer research to better cater to the needs and lifestyles of the local customers, such as perfumes that are more in tune with the olfactory experience of local consumers or nail polishes that last longer. These, along with other fragrances, skincare, household products, and plush toys are all highly sought after by Indian consumers, with sales proportion of perfumes, candles, and plush toys increasing by 14 percent among overall sales over the past three years. During the Diwali Festival, MINISO’s scented candles became a popular item, and many shoppers shared their choice online.

MINISO’s plush toy series is a top10 contributor to the brand’s sales in India. They are one of the most sought-after products for influencers to take photos with and hot topics on the internet. Customers responded enthusiastically when the brand launched the “Penpen2PENPEN” initiative in June. The plush toy version of Penpen, the campaign mascot, was immediately sold out after it was rolled out.

MINISO also blended its brand messages into local culture and festive spirits by creating a series of events for Indian customers, such as activities for the Holi Festival and perfume-theme campaigns. Meanwhile, MINISO has activated media and online channels to boost its customer reach across India, inviting them to join social communities where they can discover amazing discounts and enjoy the fun of online shopping.

For more information, please visit MINISO India’s website, or contact for details of business cooperation with MINISO in India.


MINISO (NYSE: MNSO) operates its global business under its brand slogan “Life is for fun”. Today, MINISO has successfully entered 100 countries and regions and opened more than 5,000 stores around the world, covering the core business districts of world-renowned cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Dubai, Sydney, and Istanbul. MINISO will continue creating joyful and high-quality life experiences for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.



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