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SenseTime Unveils Four AI Platforms Driving AI’s Scalable Industrial Application Through Standardization

PRNewswire September 2, 2022

SHANGHAI, Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) software company, hosted an industry forum themed “AI+: Meta-Innovation” at the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) today. The forum gathered influential entrepreneurs, academic scholars and industry leaders to discuss how AI technology can empower and bring promising innovation to various industry sectors.

Dr. Xu Li, Executive Chairman of the Board and CEO of SenseTime, delivered a speech titled AI’s Yingzao Fashi: Innovative Industrial Manual, and announced four new AI platforms during the forum. The four innovative AI platforms covering different fields including AI cloud computing, vehicle-road collaboration, AI in gaming and smart hospitals, aim to drive AI’s scalable industrial application through standardized, more efficient, easy-to-use and low-cost platform services.

A number of honorable government officials attended the forum together with distinguished guest speakers who shared their views on how AI is changing the game across multiple industries, including Gong Ke, Executive Director, the Chinese Institute for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategies, Ning Guang, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of Ruijin Hospital affiliated Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine, Zhang Yongwei, Vice President and Secretary-General, China EV100, Li Qian, VP of Vehicle Intelligence of HiPhi and Qiu Zhijie, Vice President and Dean of School of Experimental Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts. 

A Standardized AI Manual to Enable Scalable AI Innovation

Inspired by Yingzao Fashi (Treatise on Architectural Methods or State Building Standards), the oldest extant Chinese technical manual on architecture originally published in the Song Dynasty, Xu Li shared his insights on how to achieve highly scalable AI innovation for a wide range of applications based on a standardized industry manual. He pointed out that many famous Chinese architectures, including Pavilion of the Old Drunkard, Foguang Temple and Pavilion of Prince Teng, were built by following Yingzao Fashi, which specified the ideal of universal standardization.

“These norms and consensus are gradually formed with the continuous accumulation of people’s experience through summary, model deduction and simulation.” Xu Li said in his speech. As AI develops towards commercialization, AI models become the standardized features for the intelligent era, supporting various applications such as advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), city management, surgical planning and intelligent agents in games, in which issues can be resolved through the same standardized AI models.  Currently, SenseTime has produced more than 49,000 commercial AI models, which can be grouped into different AI solutions for various industries.

A standardized production process is also needed to facilitate industrial standardization. Under this concept, SenseTime has achieved general AI capabilities with the standardization of AI model production, covering AI infrastructure, data labeling, pre-trained base models, and industrial applications. SenseTime’s automatic data production line increases the speed of automatic data labeling by 600 times.

“Industries cannot be formed without standards”, Xu Li said, standardization will lead to a flourishing AI industrialization. Through powerful infrastructure, we can produce high quality and standardized models with replication in various scenarios, as well as efficiently manage the whole process of model production. It is worth mentioning that standardization is not a constraint and will ultimately create infinite possibilities in AI applications.

Four New AI Platforms to Commercialize AI at a Large Scale

The SenseCore AI Infrastructure, as an innovative “Yingzao Fashi” developed by SenseTime, achieves highly efficient, low-cost and scalable AI innovation and empowerment for industries. At the 2022 WAIC, SenseTime launched four new AI platforms including SenseCore AI Cloud, SenseAuto V2X, SenseMAP Multi-Agent Platform and SenseTime Smart Hospital Solution, with the aim of accelerating industrial upgrades through various AI technologies.

SenseCore AI Cloud is developed into an out-of-the-box industrial-grade AI toolchain underpinned by the SenseCore AI Infrastructure. Without additional investment, it can facilitate AI infrastructure’s comprehensive digital management, effectively meeting the requirements for future industrial AI pipelines as well as the large-scale training, verification and reasoning for AI models. SenseCore AI Cloud can help customers double the efficiency of AI research and development with lower infrastructure costs by providing a full-stack deep learning platform and a series of advanced algorithm platforms and models. Essentially, it creates a new paradigm of AI cloud infrastructure that innovatively empowers various application scenarios including autonomous driving, smart city, AI for Science and Metaverse.

SenseAuto V2X is SenseTime’s vehicle-road synergy platform committed to providing a one-stop analysis and decision-making solution for future mobility by integrating “smart cars, intelligent roads and collaborative cloud”. Through the fusion control and analysis of vehicle and road information, it can achieve intelligent operation of “vehicle, road and cloud” platforms to improve traffic management efficiency. SenseAuto V2X can transmit sensory output from roadside sensors to the vehicle and empower intelligent vehicles with more comprehensive sensing capabilities to better adapt to complex traffic scenarios. Currently, SenseAuto V2X is deployed in the management of national Internet of Vehicles (IoV) pilot zones, closed parks, highways and urban traffic, facilitating the decision-making for traffic management with higher efficiency and safety.

SenseMAP Multi-Agent Platform is SenseTime’s tailor-made AI gaming production and operation platform. Leveraging the strength in computing power, deep learning and intelligent decision-making technologies, SenseMAP provides game developers one-stop full-cycle production services, covering auto-adaptation in gaming ecosystem, auto-creation of gaming content, and auto-operation of gamer community.. It has largely elevated the productivity of game development to create a better competitive experience for gamers. In the future, SenseTime will continue accelerating the diverse applications of AI in games and join hands with industry partners to boost the innovation and development of the game industry.

SenseTime Smart Hospital Solution provides a suite of smart services across various scenarios with the goal of delivering “patient-centered and quality-first” services. For medical professionals, the SenseCare Smart Health Platform provides high-quality, efficient AI diagnostic assistance throughout clinical processes; for patients, the Smart Outpatient Assistant can streamline the outpatient procedure and optimize the patient experience; for hospital operators, the Smart Management Service accelerates hospital operation and management’s digitalization; for research organizations, the Intelligent Clinical Research Platform facilitates R&D work and boosts research efficiency; and for regional-level medical alliances, the Smart Medical Collaborative Platform optimizes the allocation of regional medical resources. SenseTime is committed to leading the development of AI-powered smart hospitals and accelerating the digital transformation of high-quality hospitals.

The Industrial Ecosystem and Computing Power System Shapes Sustainable AI Future

Another highlight of the forum was that the Center of Computational Law and AI Ethics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, International Finance Forum Sustainable Development Council, SenseTime, Terminus, the Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation and Singapore Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII) joined hands to launch the Technology for Sustainable Development Goals Alliance for Asia.

Upholding a vision of accelerating global economy with digital technologies and creating a better future, the Technology for Sustainable Development Goals Alliance for Asia is committed to promoting university-industry research collaboration, developing technology standards, studying industrial cases, and publishing research results to drive sustainable development in Asia. During the forum, the Alliance also presented a report on “Asia’s Balanced Development with Digital Revolution – Technology for Sustainable Development in Asia (2022-2023)”, which introduces the common vision and best practices of Asia’s technology for sustainable development, as well as the Technology for Sustainable Development Initiative for Asia 2030.

At the Intelligent Computing Ecosystem roundtable, Yang Fan, Co-founder, President of SenseCore Business Group of SenseTime had an in-depth discussion with Li Genguo, Director of Shanghai Supercomputer Center, Wang Guoxing, Professor at the School of Microelectronics in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xu Lingjie, President of Biren Technology and Deng Hui, Co-founder of Enflame shared insights on the future trends of intelligent computing and discussed the importance of bridging the talent gap.

For the past five years, SenseTime has joined hands with WAIC to explore AI’s infinite possibilities. Going forward, SenseTime will fully unleash the potential of its proprietary AI technology to build a sustainable AI ecosystem and create a better AI-empowered future through innovation. 

About SenseTime

SenseTime is a leading AI software company founded in Hong Kong in 2014, focused on creating a better AI-empowered future through innovation. Upholding a vision of advancing the interconnection of the physical and digital worlds with AI, driving sustainable productivity growth and seamless interactive experiences, SenseTime is committed to advancing the state of the art in AI research, developing scalable and affordable AI software platforms that benefit businesses, people and society, and attracting and nurturing top talents, shaping the future together.

With our roots in the academic world, we invest in our original and cutting-edge research that allows us to offer and continuously improve industry-leading, full-stack AI capabilities, covering key fields across perception intelligence, decision intelligence, AI-enabled content generation and AI-enabled content enhancement, as well as key capabilities in AI chips, sensors and computing infrastructure. Our proprietary AI infrastructure, SenseCore, allows us to develop powerful and efficient AI software platforms that are scalable and adaptable for a wide range of applications.

Today, our technologies are trusted by customers and partners in many industry verticals including Smart Business, Smart City, Smart Life and Smart Auto.

SenseTime Group Inc. (stock code: 0020.HK) has successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEX). We have offices in markets including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and South Korea, etc., as well as presences in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. For more information, please visit SenseTime’s website as well as its LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages.

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