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CATL to Highlight Advancements in Energy Storage Solutions at RE+ 2022

PRNewswire September 22, 2022

Key technological innovations enabling highly reliable, safe energy storage solutions across power generation, power transmission and distribution, power consumption to empower energy freedom for all

ANAHEIM, Calif., Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL), a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, presents its state-of-the-art all-scenario energy storage solutions at Solar Power International as part of RE+ 2022, held in Anaheim, CA from September 20-22. The conference is the largest and most comprehensive clean energy industry event in North America.

Meeting global decarbonization goals to tackle climate change means we need to transition from fossil to renewable energy sources reliably and efficiently. Energy storage solutions play a vital role in enabling the shift and innovation is key to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy by reducing energy storage system cost, increasing service life, durability, energy density, and safety.

“To create a cleaner future for all, replacing fossil fuel in stationary energy systems with high-efficient renewable energy is paramount,” said Tan Libin, vice president of CATL. “We are committed to contributing to global efforts in carbon neutrality by empowering the energy transition that we urgently need. We are thrilled to showcase our progress in developing high-quality products that will support the sustainable development of our global economy.”

Key Technology Features to Unleash the Potential of Renewable Energy

Committed to providing first-class energy storage solutions, CATL has developed lithium-ion battery energy storage systems across application scenarios in power generation, power transmission and distribution, and power consumption. RE+ 2022 offers energy industry leaders a chance to learn more about CATL’s industry-leading innovation advancements to empower energy freedom for all:

  • Substantial Safety: CATL takes a comprehensive approach to safety to ensure multiple layers of protection across cell, module, and rack levels. CATL carefully selects and designs raw materials and applies stringent controls in manufacturing processes, as well as comprehensive testing and verification to ensure the quality of its batteries. Additionally, 24-hour monitoring and big data-based early warning systems ensure safe operations and reliability of its products in real-life scenarios.
  •  High Energy Density: Advanced high-energy density materials and original CTP solution effectively increases the energy density of the container system to achieve a floor space energy density of over 250 kWh/m2. EnerOne, CATL’s flagship modular outdoor liquid cooling battery energy storage system (BESS), features a compact structure which uses 35% less floor space compared to traditional air-cooling products, further reducing construction costs.
  •  Long Service Life: Energy storage battery for power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption carry a high demand for long service life and high reliability. With upgrades in battery components to slowdown battery capacity loss, CATL has successfully set a global benchmark with a single battery life of 12,000 cycles, and reduce the Levelized Cost of Using Storage (LCUS) throughout the battery lifecycle. CATL is now undertaking further research and development in its electrochemical energy storage solutions, with the aim of increasing the cycle life to a record high of 18,000 – thus expanding the scale of a single energy storage power station to 1GWh and rivaling the pumped storage level by cost per kilowatt hour and energy storage capacity.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: CATL’s energy storage solutions feature intelligent thermal management systems to effectively avoid the bucket effect caused by cells connected in series, and ensure a temperature difference of cells in the container to within 5℃, effectively improving the available energy throughput in the life cycle of the system. Specifically, the integrated frequency conversion liquid-cooling system, EnerOne, can limit cell temperature difference down to 3℃ and increase life expectancy of battery by 33%.
  • Intelligent Battery Management: CATL’s unique intelligent BMS monitors the battery health status 24/7 and identifies unhealthy batteries in advance. Early warning of battery fire hazards can reduce the probability of associated fires by over 90%. The online early warning system ensures the safe operation of the battery throughout its lifecycle.

Commitment to Green Manufacturing

Through technological innovation, CATL has continued to make positive impacts in manufacturing and environmental sustainability. Its Yibin Plant is the world’s first certified zero-carbon factory, while its Ningde facility has been recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a global “Lighthouse Factory,” making it the first battery manufacturing base joining WEF’s Global Lighthouse Network (GLN).

Besides the carbon reduction measures, CATL has rolled out battery recycling to achieve low carbonization of batteries. RE+ 2022 will be an opportunity for attendees to see how the company is planning to advance these contributions worldwide.

In 2021, CATL’s energy storage business ranked first in its market share of global energy storage battery production, supporting over 100 utility-scale projects around the world.



SOURCE Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited

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