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CRRC Releases 2022 Australian Sustainability Report

PRNewswire October 19, 2022

MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One of the world’s largest rail transportation equipment companies, CRRC Corporation Limited (“CRRC”, 1766.HK) has recently released its 2022 Australian Sustainability Report. The report elaborates on how CRRC, together with its stakeholders in Australia and its neighboring regions, remains committed to its CSR goals of the pursuit of sustainability and humanistic care.  CRRC is driven by a mission to ‘connect the world through better mobility,’ and the report details how the company has approached this challenge over the past year.

The 2022 Australian Sustainability Report is the fourth consecutive annual release from the CRRC, forming an integral part of the company’s transparent social responsibility policy. Outlined in the report, the company identifies that in order to compete in the global market, it must accelerate innovation in technology, products, and its service model and in order to keep pace with the development needs of advanced, applicable, intelligent, green, and safe rail transit.

CRRC Chairman, Sun Yongcai, provides a message in the report, stating, “He who loves others is constantly loved by them; he who respects others is constantly respected by them. We hope this report will facilitate sincere communication between CRRC and Australian stakeholders. We also hope it will further showcase our principles, practices, and key performances in terms of sustainable development. While implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we will keep working with all sides to promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability in Australia and New Zealand.”

With 78 overseas subsidiaries across 27 countries and regions providing products and services to a total of 109 countries and regions, CRRC is heavily focused on localization and the implementation of strategies to empower local people and businesses. Across Australia and New Zealand, CRRC supports nine subsidiaries, working with local stakeholders to ensure localized manufacturing, procurement, workforce, maintenance, and management, and working with locals to help give back to regional communities and facilitate sustainable growth and development.

CRRC also identifies environmental sustainability as a key corporate challenge, making the pursuit of carbon neutrality central to its social responsibility policy. This attitude was evidenced by the company taking a leading role in the Rail Transit and Climate Change Symposium to connect rail industry leaders to share insights on decarbonization. In October 2021, CRRC also released the CRRC Action Plan for Carbon Peak and Neutrality, establishing the ‘6G’s’ of green investment, green innovation, green manufacturing, green products, green services, and green enterprise as being key areas of future development for the company.

Integral to building a sustainable and long-lasting business is the company’s focus on supporting positive social development. CRRC pays a great degree of attention to developing employees’ skills, providing a stage where talent can rise and shine. The company also participates extensively in Australia’s public welfare campaigns, leveraging its strengths to build local communities and a sustainable win-win future with stakeholders. CRRC offers equal employment opportunities for disadvantaged individuals, as well as extensive and certified employee training to ensure employees gain lifelong skills during their time with CRRC.

Moving forward into 2023 and beyond, CRRC outlines in the report a commitment to carrying forward the idea of building a respected international company, upholding the mission of connecting the world through better mobility, and sticking to a path of sustainable development. The company also outlines its commitment to assisting in reaching the goals set out within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and investing in the R&D and production of green products to contribute to the environmental protection of Australia and New Zealand.

About CRRC

CRRC (CRRC Corporation Limited) is one of the world’s largest rail transportation equipment companies, with an annual revenue of RMB 225.73 billion in 2021. It has provided products and services to more than 100 countries and regions, and has established 18 international R&D centers. CRRC has set up local manufacturing bases in the US, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Turkey, and India, among other countries. As of 2021, CRRC ranked 349th  among the Fortune Global 500 companies.

For the full report, please visit https://www.crrcgc.cc/Portals/73/Uploads/Files/2022/10-8/638008219521572404.pdf


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