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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Announces Expansion Through-out APAC Region Amidst Bubbling Growth

PRNewswire October 25, 2022

TAIPEI, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading boba tea brand CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has announced its plans to expand throughout the Asia Pacific region amidst positive growth.

Bubble tea lovers in Southeast Asia spend USD3.66B annually on the beverage and comparable “new tea” drinks, with Singapore holding the highest spending power despite its relatively small population. The high demand for these trendy drinks makes the current bubble tea market a perfect entry point for premium brands, leading to CoCo  Fresh Tea & Juice’s decision to expand into the APAC region.

Steadily growing global franchise

Established in 1997, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has continually studied the bubble tea market for 25 years it has grown steadily every year with over 5000 outlets globally. By tracking the changing consumer preferences and buying patterns, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has evolved a new business model in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to create strategic supply chains while ensuring that all of its franchisees worldwide gained sufficient support during the challenging time.

In addition to the wide bubble tea selection and healthy fruit tea options offered by CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, the company also focuses on recreating the tea-drinking experience and developing new innovative drinks for the market. Its most popular drinks include the CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Signature Milk Tea, Bubble Gaga, and Lemon Dunk.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice ensures that every cup is made with the freshest ingredients and highest quality tea, thus developing competitive products that meet the demand of today’s customers.

The refined bubble tea franchise model

Since its first exhibition store in New York in 2013, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice expects to cross a landmark threshold by reaching over a hundred by 2023 however the company looks to its Filipino franchise as the reference model for expansion throughout the rest of the APAC region.

Filipino franchisees were able to implement their stores by working closely with CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice’s head office, executing rigorous operational strategy that included operational details such as store location evaluation, international logistics supply and procurement, manpower allocation and training, and service and store operation.

This ensured stability amongst the franchises which allowed the brand to grow healthily and steadily despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The complete support and training provided by CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice equips franchisees with a thorough operating policy guide that ensures the brand delivers quality products.

From 2017 to 2022, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice made its mark by winning the World Branding Awards for three consecutive years. This award authenticates the credibility and respect that CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice gained internationally and will continue to be awarded in 2023 next year.

“Our brand is built with persistence and dedication in the craftsmanship behind each drink. Not by chance nor by luck! We will continue to provide our consumers the assurance needed by holding true to our core values,” says Tommy Hung, Chairman of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

For more information, please visit https://www.coco-tea.com or www.taiwantrade.com

About CoCo Fresh Tea &  Juice

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice aims to create a diverse and sustainable community for its consumers, provide visually refreshing products. We continue to be one of the fast-growing companies and are looking for enterprising partners to join CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice franchise networks. Check CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice’s official website and start your application now.

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