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SOFT LANDERS launches one-stop employee relocation platform

PRNewswire November 24, 2022

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global relocation startup SOFT LANDERS (CEO Han Manju), a member of the 2021′ Born2Global Centre(CEO Kim Jong-kap), announced on the 23rd of November that the company is officially launching Korea’s only one-stop relocation platform now that it has secured MVP (Minimum Viable Product) verification after two years of hard work.

Service areas of “SOFT LANDERS,” a newly launched one-stop employee relocation platform

A relocation service is a comprehensive service that assists employees transferred overseas with various tasks, such as air ticket reservations, short-term accommodations, vehicle rental, overseas moving, visa issuance, overseas insurance, local real estate contracts, and vehicle purchases.

SOFT LANDERS, which operates a platform for mediating support for employees overseas, has developed and is now launching such a platform, designed to help employees dispatched overseas settle down conveniently (soft-landing) by providing a package service necessary in overseas working environments.

From employees on short-term business trips to employees working/residing overseas on a semi-permanent basis, most of such employees’ needs can be met through the SOFT LANDERS platform.

A pharmaceutical company HR manager that has used the SOFT LANDERS service for two years said, “With SOFT LANDERS, our employees dispatched overseas saved 25% in costs and reduced time spent on related tasks by 90%.”

The terms used for buyer and seller by the SOFT LANDERS platform are notable. Buyers are called “members,” and sellers are called “alliance,” reminiscent of the alliances in the airline industry. CEO Han said he used the terms because he views himself as a collaborator and supporter of customers’ entering the global market, going beyond a common buyer-seller relationship.

The company began with consulting and has extended its services into nine categories (visas, insurance, air tickets, moving, local settlement, housing, vehicles, consulting, and education for overseas expatriates). SOFT LANDERS is striving to offer all these services required for relocation through a single platform.

Sales of SOFT LANDERS as of September this year more than doubled from last year, and this year saw the number of transactions and sales in each quarter grow by over 30%. Most of Korea’s global businesses, such as HYBE, Hanwha, SK, Adidas, and WEMADE, are using the relocation service of SOFT LANDERS for the short- and long-term dispatch of employees overseas and establishment of overseas subsidiaries.

With the official launch of its platform, the company has established a strategy to develop and operate more competitive services.

Recently, the package of SOFT LANDERS services frequently used by companies for overseas moves has resulted in a substantial increase in the efficiency of companies’ overseas business activities. The costs of overseas dispatch using the SOFT LANDERS platform are settled through one window, and dispatch records are registered in a system, allowing managers in charge to manage their dispatched personnel without difficulty even if the managers are replaced.

Marking the launch of the platform, the company is offering a lifetime exemption from the “Invite” service fees for members who purchase the service this year.

SOFT LANDERS’ “Invite” service increases the efficiency of preparations for overseas dispatch through various means, such as unified purchases through a single channel, streamlining of tax statements, and history management.

SOFT LANDERS received customized support such as mentoring and assessment in 2021 and was selected as a beneficiary of the startup scale-up package program of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Last January, the company was also selected to participate in the 18th SparkLabs Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Program. Details can be found on the company’s website https://softlanders.com.

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