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NFT Project “City Pop TOKYO” and “GEMIE” Announce NFT Audition “METAVERSE’S GOT TALENT”

PRNewswire December 1, 2022

SINGAPORE, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “City Pop TOKYO,” an NFT project inspired by “City Pop,” a popular music genre from Japan, will hold a talent audition event named METAVERSE’S GOT TALENT” along with Entertainment metaverse platform GEMIE (CEO: John Fung). “METAVERSE’S GOT TALENT” is a brand new talent audition project which enables artists to showcase their talents in the metaverse and subsequently win a chance to become a metaverse superstar.

"City Pop TOKYO," an NFT project will hold a talent audition event named " METAVERSE’S GOT TALENT" along with the Entertainment metaverse platform GEMIE to enable artists to showcase their talents in the metaverse.

As an NFT project, “City Pop TOKYO” is jointly funded by three companies: ASOBISYSTEM (CEO: Yusuke Nakagawa), which has a large number of diverse artists; Kingdom Labs (CEO: Maurice Ng), a venture studio in Hong Kong; and UPBOND (CEO: Gin Takahashi Mizuoka), which is developing a blockchain wallet for Web3 social adoption.

“City Pop TOKYO” plans to release 1984 NFTs based on “City Pop”, a music genre from Japan that is immensely popular worldwide, particularly among Gen Z. The project’s characters are featured in trendy outfits and makeup representing symbolic fashion styles in Japan, such as “GAL,” “SHOWA,” and “REIWA”.

To enter “METAVERSE’S GOT TALENT”, participants will first purchase a “City Pop TOKYO” NFT. NFT holders can then take part in auditions held in the GEMIE metaverse. The winner, represented by their City Pop TOKYO NFT, will be onboarded as a virtual idol under ASOBISYSTEM, and will start appearing in advertisements, releasing songs, etc. Other NFT holders from around the world can enjoy engaging in the project from various perspectives, including appearing and voting in audition events in the METAVERSE.

The METAVERSE is powered by project partner GEMIE, Asia’s leading entertainment metaverse built around fan culture which act as the virtual hub to bridge the gap between celebrities and fans through virtual experiences and utility-focused NFTs. Users worldwide can participate in the decision making process of the show via the GEMIE metavese.

Through this project, we will work to reaffirm the usefulness of Web 3.0 technology and NFT; and further promote Japanese culture to people worldwide.

More details will be available soon, please stay tuned for updates.

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*These are part of the NFTs for some characters.

*Designs may change without further notice.



 Gemie is an Asian entertainment focused metaverse platform that built on fan culture.

We aim to help artist achieve their full potential by providing them with the tools, resources and opportunities they need to reach their goals and interact with fans from all over the world without limitations.

Comment: “Instead of holding a talent shows by regions/countries why don’t we do it in the metaverse so there won’t be any geographical locations – you will be surprised how many talented artists who worth a shot are scattered in our everyday life!”

Representative: John. F – Co-founder


 ASOBISYSTEM is a Japanese event planning company, media management company, and entertainment/model office. The company is well known for managing the globally-popular singer Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu. ASOBISYSTEM continuously conducts a wide range of activities to share Harajuku culture with the world, focusing mainly on fashion, music, and lifestyle in the neighborhood of Harajuku, Tokyo.

Representative: Yusuke Nakagawa – CEO



UPBOND is a Web 3.0 wallet company that is building an ecosystem to onboard the next million users. The company’s self-custodial wallet enables general consumers to onboard to Dapps and allows enterprises to better serve customers with its decentralized identity solutions. UPBOND works with Japanese corporations to upgrade their business models to Web 3.0. The company’s name is also the mission statement–to update (UP) customer relationships (BOND) by empowering individuals.

Representative: Gin Takashi Mizuoka – CEO

About Kingdom Labs

Kingdom Labs is a venture studio that incubates and invests in early-stage projects across the Web 3.0 space, with a focus on gaming and consumers. Kingdom Labs invests in founders that are building disruptive business models from ideation to execution.

Representative: Maurice Ng – CSO


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