Panasonic Corporation Emphasises Holistic Well-Being in Its Products; Announces New Brand Action Tagline “Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.”

PRNewswire January 30, 2023

SYDNEY, Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Panasonic Corporation today unveiled in Australia its new brand action tagline ‘Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow’, as part of their continuous efforts to better champion solutions that emphasise the well-being of people, society and the planet.

The new brand action tagline aims to enhance people's quality of life and take care of the environment

Panasonic has a long-standing mission established by its founder Konosuke Matsushita which says that the corporation should contribute to society and tackle global challenges around climate change, which are both key to its strategic direction moving forward.

In April 2022, Panasonic Corporation was set up as a new company within the Panasonic holding company structure, incorporating the business operation that produces appliances for day-to-day life. Mr Masahiro Shinada, President and CEO of Panasonic Corporation shared that the corporation will continue fulfilling Panasonic’s mission through ‘Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.’

Shinada said, “This represents our thinking as a company and our goal as a manufacturer to enhance the quality of lives of people by creating useful and high-quality products today that improve their holistic well-being. At the same time, we are also taking care of the environment and developing innovative technologies to enrich all our lives tomorrow. These contribute to our commitment to ensure that families and individuals can continue to rely on us and trust us to fulfill their home and lifestyle needs.”

Each word of the slogan has its meaning:
CREATE useful, high-quality products that improve people’s lives and make the world a better place. This is the essence of who Panasonic is.
TODAY our customers need us to develop technologies and engineer solutions to improve their daily lives and their personal wellbeing. We deliver with relentless innovation and our commitment to sustainability.
ENRICH the world together. At the heart of everything we do is the wellbeing of our customers and our planet. Panasonic’s goal is to enrich the lives of those around us, every day.
TOMORROW we will continue to enhance our products, services, and solutions to help our customers lead their best lives and to help our future environment.

Expanding on the focus areas of ‘Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.’, Mr Takahiro Oyama, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Appliances Marketing Asia Pacific said, “Moving forward, these three well-being categories — Inner, Outer and Spatial Wellbeing — are the foundation of the design and purpose of all our products and services. ‘Inner Wellbeing’ starts from the kitchen through healthy eating, while ‘Outer Wellbeing’ focuses on physical hygiene. ‘Spatial Wellbeing’ aims to create a comfortable living atmosphere at home that is safe and clean.”

Holistic Wellbeing sits front and center in the design and purpose of Panasonic's products and services

From a product design and feature standpoint under ‘Inner Wellbeing’, Panasonic will use proprietary technologies for heating, pressurizing, and stirring foods, as well as radio wave sensing technology for defrosting to help preserve these flavours and offer consumers the ability to cook tasty food using less salt and fat.

‘Outer Wellbeing’ products will feature more biometric sensing and analysis technologies to create targeted skin care regimens based on individual needs such as hair type or skin type. ‘Spatial Wellbeing’ products feature nanoe technology to improve the quality of air we breathe, as well as hometainment solutions that meet the demand for high-definition entertainment in a living space in this digital era.

Panasonic also shared that the new brand action tagline will be underpinned by their commitment to protect the global environment through two pillars – carbon neutrality and promoting a circular economy. The corporation aims to reduce more than 300 million tons in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 from its own value chain and avoided emissions through utilising clean and efficient energy solutions, as well as improve product durability and design products that can be easily disassembled for reuse and recycling.

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