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Tackling global warming? Apply for the Keeling Curve Prize by Feb. 10th!

PRNewswire February 7, 2023

10 climate projects & programs will be awarded $50,000 each to reduce greenhouse gases.

ASPEN, Colo., Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The deadline is fast approaching to apply for the 2023 Keeling Curve Prize. The prize will award $50,000 to two projects in each of the five following categories: Energy, Finance, Carbon Sinks (natural & engineered), Transport & Mobility, and Social & Cultural Pathways.

Last year, the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) doubled the total prize purse for the 2023 Keeling Curve Prize to $500,000. This effort was backed by a broad base of individuals and foundations around the country committed to accelerating climate solutions and protecting the planet for future generations.

The Keeling Curve prize catalyzes the growth of high-potential nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies by providing critical funds needed to scale. Past winners and finalists are among the most impactful innovators in the world, with solutions ranging from renewable energy applications for vulnerable communities to nature-based projects and frontier technologies. All applicants, whether or not they win the prize, gain access to ongoing support to ensure long-term success, including added staff capacity, talent, and investment opportunities to increase the overall efficacy of their projects.

The 2023 Keeling Curve Prize is currently accepting applications from projects with a proven track record of replacing, reducing, and/or removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The deadline to submit applications is Friday, February 10th, 2023. Full details are available on our website at: https://www.globalwarmingmitigationproject.org.

Background on the Global Warming Mitigation Project and Keeling Curve Prize

The Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) identifies and accelerates clean energy and carbon drawdown projects worldwide and provides the capital, resources, and talent they need to scale. The flagship Keeling Curve Prize is globally recognized as one of the only climate awards backed by a rigorous scientific vetting process and a council of 12 climate experts.

GWMP’s interconnected programs provide an ecosystem of support for Keeling Curve Prize applicants, which have so far totaled more than 1,500 across 103 countries. The Constellations Fellowship is a 12-to-14-week career-building program that enables aspiring climate leaders to gain hands-on professional experience while providing much needed organizational capacity and talent to climate startups. The Climate Impact Conduit program connects investors, philanthropists, and corporations with high-impact climate innovators for access to growth capital and carbon abatement. Each of these programs is strengthened by the GWMP Alliance, a network of partners working together toward a shared vision for a just and sustainable zero-emissions future.

There is no question that rapid and large-scale climate action must be taken immediately to avoid global catastrophe. The vision of the Global Warming Mitigation Project (GWMP) is to stabilize the earth’s atmosphere, land, and oceans to ensure the continued vibrancy and vitality of this planet. We pursue this vision by resourcing projects and programs that are on track to collectively reduce global carbon emissions by 100B tonnes.

Through the Keeling Curve Prize, GWMP has awarded $1,250,000 in direct, unrestricted funding to 50 projects proven to reduce, remove, or replace heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Past laureates are paving the way to a livable future by conserving coastal and marine ecosystems, improving agricultural food systems, empowering frontline communities, initiating policy advancements, and much more. Cumulatively, the first 50 winners have already raised an additional $1.1 billion since receiving the prize, and this year’s applicants are poised for even greater impact.

Media contacts: Sarah Pooler, s.pooler@kcurveprize.org & Hannah Odell, h.odell@kcurveprize.org

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