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Medical Park Hospitals Group MD, Assoc. Prof. Neurosurgeon, Sait Öztürk has successfully accomplished Brain Pacemaker surgery while awake and watching cartoons to DYSTONIA PATIENT ZEYNEP

PRNewswire March 15, 2023

ISTANBUL, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zeynep Liva Elmacı, a dystonia patient who has been having uncontrollable involuntary contractions in her legs and arms for the last 5 years, underwent brain pacemaker surgery while awake by watching cartoons. The patient’s surgery was performed Medical Park, Turkey’s health power with 27 Hospitals and thousands of doctors. Giving information about the patient’s surgery process, Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital Brain and Neurosurgery Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sait Öztürk said: “Dystonia is a very rare disease. In our patient, there were contractions in the arms and legs that and got worse and worse. After the examinations, we deemed it appropriate to perform brain pacemaker surgery”

The patient being awake increases the success rate of the operation

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sait Öztürk explained why the operation was performed awake in the following sentences: “In this way, the effectiveness of the procedure performed during the operation can be checked. Zeynep adapted to the surgery process quite bravely.”

The characters of the cartoon came to visit after the operation

Dr. Öztürk reached the directors of the cartoon in order to make Zeynep happy, who has been living a difficult life for many years. The screenwriter was visited the patient in her room with the cartoon characters.

It can be performed at a limited number of centers in the world

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Öztürk, known for his successful surgeries in the field of brain pacemaker, stated that “Brain pacemaker procedures are surgeries that require specialized experience and high technology, and they are rarely performed in the world and in Türkiye, and can be performed in a limited number of centers.”

Romanian Painter with Parkinson’s Regained Her Brushes After Brain Pacemaker Surgery Performed in Türkiye

Romanian painter Antoneta Selista has been unable to do her job for about 6 years due to the increasing tremors in her hands. She regained both her health and the art of painting after a successful neurosurgery performed at Dr. Sait Öztürk.

He had been suffering from severe depression for 12 years, he found hope in Türkiye with brain pacemaker

31-year-old Saudi Arabian patient Alghamdi Alaa Saeed, who has been struggling with severe depression for 12 years and has repeatedly attempted suicide, found his hope by performing brain pacemaker surgery at Medical Park Hospitals in Turkey.

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