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Making Open Source Truly Open

PRNewswire March 27, 2023

SINGAPORE and SAN FRANCISCO, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Semut is thrilled to announce its upcoming Developer Preview, inviting developers worldwide to join the waitlist and experience Semut’s groundbreaking technologies first-hand. Interested developers can sign up for an early preview at https://semut.io.

Semut’s innovative technologies are set to revolutionize the open-source landscape by empowering developers to work full-time on open-source projects without worrying about their paycheck. Semut’s technologies will enable open source applications to be available as a service. Instead of merely uploading code to Github, developers can now enable applications to be available as an easy to use service. This shift will provide businesses and individuals with secure, cost-effective alternatives to commercial PAAS and SAAS solutions.

Mansoor Ahmed, founder of Semut, emphasized the importance of community-driven initiatives: “Open source should be a true grassroots movement, fueled by developers who want to create meaningful impact through software.”

Semut envisions a world where not-for-profit Open Source organisations like Apache Software Foundation can offer all their applications as a service, potentially generating billions of dollars of revenue. These funds can be utilised to hire full time engineers and reward all contributions to Apache projects. Semut aims to create a new paradigm where Open Source communities can operate as “Not for Profit” organisations, employing engineers full time and compensating all contributions.

Making open source communities self-sufficient, sustainable and truly independent is one of the larger goals of Semut.

Semut seeks to liberate developers from corporate dependence, allowing them to contribute to projects they’re passionate about and work full-time on open source projects without financial worry. Semut is committed to providing developers with the freedom they desire and rightfully deserve.

Semut’s technologies will enable organizations of all sizes to discover and utilize cost-effective, user-friendly software solutions. For example, a university dean could deploy a highly scalable Moodle cluster for tens of thousands of students with just one click.

By enabling open-source projects to be easily available as accessible services, Semut aims to position open source as the leader in innovation, accelerating the digitization of businesses and granting developers true freedom.

Mansoor Ahmed encourages risk-taking engineers to join their mission: “We are always looking for brilliant software engineers who are big risk takers and want to bet their skills on pursuing ambitious goals that may seem impossible for most.”

With Semut’s Developer Preview, the future of open-source software looks brighter than ever. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this transformative journey – join the waitlist today at https://semut.io.

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