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SenseAuto Empowers Nearly 30 Mass-produced Models Exhibited at Auto Shanghai 2023 and Unveils Six Intelligent Cabin Products

PRNewswire April 20, 2023

SHANGHAI, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (“Auto Shanghai 2023”), themed “Embracing the New Era of the Automotive Industry,” has been held with a focus on the innovative changes in the automotive industry brought about by technology. SenseAuto, the Intelligent Vehicle Platform of SenseTime, made its third appearance at the exhibition with the three-in-one product suite of intelligent cabin, intelligent driving, and collaborative cloud, showcasing its full-stack intelligent driving solution and six new intelligent cabin products designed to create the future cabin experience with advanced perception capabilities. Additionally, nearly 30 models produced in collaboration with SenseAuto were unveiled at the exhibition, further emphasizing its industry-leading position.

At the Key Tech 2023 forum, Prof. Wang Xiaogang, Co-founder, Chief Scientist and President of Intelligent Automobile Group, SenseTime, delivered a keynote speech emphasizing that smart autos provide ideal scenarios for AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) to facilitate closed-loop interactions between intelligent driving and passenger experiences in the “third living space”, which presents endless possibilities.

SenseAuto empowers nearly 30 mass-produced models showcased at Auto Shanghai 2023
In 2022, SenseAuto Cabin and SenseAuto Pilot products were adapted and delivered to 27 vehicle models with more than 8 million new pipelines. These products now cover more than 80 car models from over 30 automotive companies, confirming SenseAuto’s continued leadership in the industry.

In the field of intelligent driving, SenseAuto has established mass-production partnerships with leading automakers in China, such as GAC and Neta. At the exhibition, SenseAuto showcased the GAC AION LX Plus, which leverages SenseAuto’s stable surround BEV (Bird ‘s-Eye-View) perception and powerful general target perception capabilities to create a comprehensive intelligent Navigated Driving Assist (NDA) that is capable of completing various challenging perception tasks. The Neta S, another exhibited model at the show, is also equipped with SenseAuto’s full-stack intelligent driving solution which provides consumers with a reliable and efficient assisted driving experience in highway scenarios.

In the field of intelligent cabin, SenseAuto is committed to developing the automotive industry’s most influential AI empowered platform with the aim of providing extremely safe, interactive, and personalized experiences for users. The NIO ES7 model exhibited supports functions such as driver fatigue alerts, Face ID, and child presence detection. SenseAuto’s cutting-edge visual AI technology has boosted the accuracy of driver attention detection by 53% in long-tail scenarios, and by 47% in complex scenarios involving users with narrow-set eyes, closed eyes, and backlighting.

The highly anticipated ZEEKR X model showcased features from SenseAuto’s groundbreaking intelligent B-pillar interactive system, a first-of-its-kind innovation that allows for contactless unlocking and entry. Other models on display that boast SenseAuto’s cutting-edge DMS (Driver Monitoring System) and OMS (Occupant Monitoring System) technologies include Dongfeng Mengshi 917, GAC’s Trumpchi E9, Emkoo, as well as the M8 Master models. Moreover, HiPhi has collaborated with SenseAuto on multiple Smart Cabin features and Changan Yida is equipped with SenseAuto’s health management product, which can detect various health indicators of passengers in just 30 seconds, elevating travel safety to new heights.

Six Innovative smart cabin features for an intelligent “third living space”
SenseAuto is at the forefront of intelligent cabin innovations, with multi-model interaction that integrates vision, speech, and natural language understanding. SenseTime’s newly launched “SenseNova” foundation model set, which introduces a variety of foundation models and capabilities in natural language processing and content generation, such as digital human, opens up numerous possibilities for the smart cabin as a “third living space”.

SenseAuto presented a futuristic demo cabin at Auto Shanghai 2023, featuring an AI virtual assistant that welcomes guests and directs them to their seats. In addition, SenseTime’s latest large-scale language model (LLM), “SenseChat”, interacted with guests and provided personalized content recommendations. The “SenseMirage” text-to-image creation platform has also been integrated with the exhibition cabin for the first time. With the help of SenseTime’s AIGC (AI-Generated Content) capabilities, guests can enjoy a fun-filled travel experience with various styles of photos generated for them.

At the exhibition, SenseAuto unveiled six industry-first features including Lip-Reading, Guard Mode, Intelligent Rescue, Air Touch, AR Karaoke and Intelligent Screensaver. With six years of industry experience, SenseAuto has accumulated to date a portfolio of 29 features, of which, over 10 are industry-firsts.

SenseNova accelerates mass-production of smart driving
SenseAuto is revolutionizing the autonomous driving industry with its full-stack intelligent driving solution, which integrates driving and parking. The innovative SenseAuto Pilot Entry is cost-effective solution that uses parking cameras for driving functions. SenseAuto’s parking feature supports cross-layer parking lot routing, trajectory tracking, intelligent avoidance, and target parking functions to fulfill multiple parking needs in multi-level parking lots.

SenseNova has enabled SenseAuto to achieve the first domestic mass production of BEV perception and pioneer the automatic driving GOP perception system. SenseAuto is proactively driving innovation in the R&D of autonomous driving technology, leveraging SenseTime’s large model system. Its self-developed UniAD has become the industry’s first perception and decision intelligence integrated end-to-end autonomous driving solution. The large model is also used for automated data annotation and product testing, which has increased the model iteration efficiency by hundreds of times.

SenseAuto’s success is evident in its partnerships with over 30 automotive manufacturers and more than 50 ecosystem partners worldwide. With plans to bring its technology to over 31 million vehicles in the next few years, SenseAuto is leading the way in intelligent vehicle innovation. Leveraging the capabilities of SenseNova, SenseAuto is poised to continue riding the wave of AGI and enhancing its R&D efficiency and commercialization process towards a new era of human-vehicle collaborative driving.

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