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GWM’s Hi4 Technology Debuts with HAVAL’s Brand-New Medium SUV

PRNewswire April 24, 2023

BAODING, China, April 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On April 18, GWM HAVAL’s new medium new energy SUV (dubbed “Fierce Dragon MAX in Chinese market) had its world premiere at the Auto Shanghai 2023, attracting the attention of all participants to the show.

The HAVAL new energy SUV is GWM’s first model using the Hi4 technology. As the first model of GWM HAVAL’s latest new energy product family, this vehicle is positioned as a new energy intelligent family SUV. The SUV has a wheelbase of 2.8 meters and an exterior design with more EV features.

The vehicle will be launched in the Chinese market in May, according to Qiao Xinyu, HAVAL’s deputy general manager of marketing at the launch event. Thanks to the new Hi4 technology, this vehicle is significantly improved in performance, economy, and reliability.

The Chief Product Officer of HAVAL introduced the vehicle’s performance at the auto show. In a test of simulating the real scenarios of consumers which carried out in China, its overall fuel consumption by WLTC standard is only 1.78L/100km, with acceleration time of 6.8s from 0 to 100km/h.

The Hi4 is developed by GWM based on the concept of performance and efficiency, which is a new hybrid technology that combines intelligent features with a four-wheel drive system. Hi4 stands for Hybrid Intelligent 4WD. It uses a dual-motor design with both parallel and series connections between the front and rear axles, which can realize the performance of a 4WD system and the energy efficiency of a 2WD system.

The Hi4 can also be combined with the GWM iTVC (Intelligent Torque Vector Control System) and Intelligent Energy Management System to ensure efficient operation of the vehicle’s power system in all speed ranges and scenarios, providing consumers with powerful performance and lower energy consumption.

For energy consumption management, models equipped with Hi4 can dynamically switch between 9 driving modes according to different operating conditions. In this way, the vehicle will always use the optimal driving mode in different driving scenarios to reduce energy consumption.

On April 20, GWM held a test drive and ride activity at its headquarters in Baoding so that the guests from the media can experience its new energy products and technologies in an all-round manner. With the support of Hi4, the vehicle can intelligently identify different driving scenarios through the iTVC, and rapidly distribute and dynamically adjust the torque between the front and rear axles. This ensures that the vehicle can get strong power in all driving scenarios. For example, when the vehicle starts smoothly on flat ground, power can be distributed to the front and rear axles, resulting in faster acceleration compared with traditional dual-motor systems.

After the activity, the attendees from various media recognized the vehicle’s performance in acceleration, the stability in high-speed ring-track test, and the strength of Hi4 technology, expecting its launch in overseas market as soon as possible.


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