My Guangdong Story | Danish martial artist’s Kung Fu life in Foshan

PRNewswire April 26, 2023

GUANGZHOU, China, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “What comes to mind when you think of Chinese Kung Fu?” Jesper Lundqvist from Copenhagen, Denmark, asked GDToday of Nanfang Media Group while filming the micro-documentary series “My Guangdong Story”, “People all over the world share different opinions about Kung Fu. In order to beat the stereotypes and pursue real Kung Fu, I gave up a comfortable life in Denmark to come to Foshan.”

Lundqvist encountered Wing Chun at a martial arts exhibition in his hometown around 1992. “I would say that to date, that was the best and most inspiring martial arts demonstration I have ever seen.” He was fascinated by it and went on a Wing Chun course. Since 2008, Lundqvist has been travelling back and forth between Europe and China, just to practice real Chinese Kung Fu.

In 2012, he decided to settle in Foshan, the preeminent birthplace of Southern styles of Chinese martial arts, and became a disciple of a Foshan Wing Chun master. He found that many things that Europeans have learned about Wing Chun did not come from China, but were developed by themselves. In China, he can practice the wooden dummy, which, in Europe, is considered the “last part of the Wing Chun system”.

Lundqvist learned that there are many Kung Fu masters want to teach, whether their apprentices are Chinese or foreigners. “But nowadays in China, it’s a bit difficult for them to find disciples,” said Lundqvist, “In the West, there are many enthusiasts of Chinese martial arts who don’t really have any contact with local teachers.”

Therefore, Lundqvist and his wife tried to create a bridge between overseas Kung Fu enthusiasts and masters in China. They have interviewed over 100 masters and published relevant articles in overseas journals and on Facebook. Lundqvist has also received many global visitors who came to Foshan with a desire to learn Kung Fu and introduced them to local Kung Fu masters. Meanwhile, he organizes masters to conduct seminars, lectures, and training courses in Europe so that people overseas can experience Kung Fu first-hand.

“For me, Kung Fu is life,” Lundqvist stressed. Next, he plans to make documentaries featuring different aspects of Kung Fu. “My hope is that through this work, people can better understand the traditional Chinese martial arts and better appreciate this thing.”


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