Bioved Pharmaceuticals granted a US Patent for its oral, natural plant-based product, Artovid-20® for the treatment of Covid-19

PRNewswire April 26, 2023

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bioved Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is proud to announce that it has received a US Patent for its natural Ayurved based product, Artovid-20® Tablets for Covid-19. The Patent titled “Methods and Compounds for Treating Effects of Covid-19 Disease,” grants 20 years exclusivity for the proprietary combination of 4 plants extracted by a previously issued US Patented process. The product has undergone extensive safety studies, and pre-clinical and clinical validation. A Phase III Randomized Clinical Trial in Moderate Covid-19 has shown statistically significant improvement in reduction of duration of illness, severity scores, and improvement in the manifestations of the disease including taste and smell as early as Day 5. The publication can be found at “The most important is that we have shown statistically significant improvement in Interleukin-6 levels, which is one of the key biomarkers for the severity of the disease and the cytokine storm that killed millions of people worldwide. This product will work to address the complications of Long COVID. And it is a broad-spectrum immunity booster for other respiratory viruses as well, in a safe and effective manner,” said Deben Dey, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Bioved.

Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science. Bioved Pharmaceuticals, Inc. USA

“We are truly humbled with the grant of this patent”, said Deepa Chitre, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Bioved. She further added, “Thousands of US patents have been filed in the last three years for the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19. We are very honored and pleased that of all of them, we have received a US Patent, especially with a natural product that can be taken orally, and at a fraction of the price of synthetic chemical drugs. It is truly a proud day for the Science of Ayurveda, for India and for Indians all over the globe. This is also a giant leap for the natural pharmaceutical industry which can be the next big thing for the well-being of humans and animals.”

Covid-19 and its variants are on the rise again with increasing numbers of hospitalizations and deaths in many countries of the world. Artovid-20® can work as a preventive and therapeutic treatment for the disease. This is especially important in those that do not wish to take vaccines, in developing nations, in hi risk individuals and in those professions that are constantly at risk for exposure to the infection. The Science of Ayurveda holds a treasure of natural plant-based therapies. Scientifically validated by modern biotechnology standards, they can offer safe and effective ways of treating difficult-to-treat disorders. “The grant of the new patent demonstrates the outstanding innovation and strength of our research, product development and technology. As a minority woman-owned business, we take pride in the science and quality control that Bioved puts into every product,” said Sandeep Davankar, Vice President of Corporate Affairs. 

About Bioved Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Bioved is headquartered in San Jose, California with subsidiaries in Pune, India and Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a robust Discovery Platform for scientifically validated, safe and effective, natural plant-based nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and OTC products, for humans and animals, from the Science of Ayurveda. More information about the Company and its products can be obtained at and  For all enquiries, please write to


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