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Rising from the Crypto Winter: Play It Forward Transforms into PIF Nation

PRNewswire May 2, 2023

SINGAPORE, May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Play It Forward (PIF), the leading SEA gaming platform, has announced its transformation into PIF Nation, marking its commitment to empowering gamers globally through fresh opportunities, resources, and connections within the gaming world.

The rebrand comes in the wake of the Crypto Winter that hit the play-to-earn (P2E) landscape between May and November 2022. The collapse of some crypto exchanges and tokens created unprecedented challenges for the blockchain gaming industry, prompting gaming guilds to seek newer and more sustainable business models. In response, PIF launched the Quests platform, which has been instrumental in the company’s rapid expansion. Over the last 6 months, PIF’s user base grew 100% every quarter and is on track to exceed 100,000 users in Q2 2023.

PIF Nation partners with game studios, unlocking the power of its platform for game partners -, helping kickstart their communities, build a loyal player base, and facilitate player acquisition and retention initiatives, thus aiding game localization and entry into the Asian market. Since the inception of our Quests Platform, we have launched over 150 quests for 100 games, giving our players various opportunities to earn rewards.

PIF Nation expands the company’s mission of “Making Play More Rewarding” by providing an enhanced gaming experience through the newly launched PIF Quests platform. The platform offers various gaming tasks like beta testing, contests, tournaments, app installations, and more, enabling users to earn exciting rewards like web3 tokens, NFTs, platform points, and even cash.

As the community grew, it became clear that PIF had evolved beyond a simple Play-to-Earn guild. Hence, the company’s transformation to PIF Nation represents its goal of creating a global community that unites players worldwide through their shared passion for gaming.

The Quests platform has been the cornerstone of PIF Nation’s continued growth, staying true to its core values of integrity, fun, and continued growth by building an ecosystem where gamers can grow and earn while having fun. PIF Nation offers gamers a fun and inclusive space to play, win, and earn rewards. The platform creates a vibrant and supportive environment where community builders can connect, share, and learn from one another, creating an impact one gamer at a time.

From a humble Axie Infinity guild to a thriving gaming community, PIF Nation continues its journey with a renewed commitment to empower gamers worldwide. In this land, every gamer has a place to call home.

For more information about PIF Nation, please visit https://pifnation.com/ or contact marketing@pifnation.com


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