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Unveiling Black Desert SEA’s New Region Land of the Morning Light Launching on June 14

PRNewswire May 26, 2023

SEOUL, South Korea, May 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pearl Abyss announced today that the “Land of the Morning Light” region will be released on June 14. According to the Developer’s Commentary Video, Black Desert SEA will bring a broad range of new content in the near future, including Woosa’s Awakening class on May 31 and Maegu’s Awakening class in June. 

The video mainly focused on showcasing a whole new fully-explorable region in the Land of the Morning Light. Comprising over 80 story cutscenes, 40 vignettes, and 6,000 full-dubbed lines, Adventurers will be able to fully immerse themselves in the new region. 

Adventurers will receive Yeonhwa’s invitation and head off to Nampo Harbor. From then, Dolswe, their trusty companion, will join in for a vast adventure revolving around defeating ferocious bosses and solving riddles in order to uncover the true evil lurking in the shadows. 

Immersive Boss Fights: Black Desert Boss Blitz 

The global launch of the new region introduces an additional new boss, “Imoogi,” adding up to a total of 9 bosses. 

By completing each boss’s main questline, Adventurers can challenge themselves to defeat those bosses again through the “Black Desert Boss Blitz.” The level of difficulty of each boss ranges from “Calamity” Level 1, the lowest, to Calamity Level 10, the highest. 

The content is structured to be enjoyable for all new, returning, and veteran Adventurers alike. Fundamentally, the 9 bosses that appear in the Blitz are set to deal and take 90% of their damage according to the newly introduced “attribute,” while the remaining 10% depends on the character’s original stats. 

Each boss possesses one of three attributes: Sun, Moon, or Earth, which directly affect their AP and DP. Adventurers will need to strategically enhance the attribute to which each boss shows weakness. 

New Top-Tier Gear Piece: Dahn’s Gloves 

The highly anticipated new gear, “Dahn’s Gloves,” has unveiled itself in the video. This gear comes in one of two types that Adventurers can attempt to acquire, either damage reduction or evasion. 

Most importantly, upon defeating the ferocious bosses, Dahn’s Gloves have a low chance of dropping as loot. It can also be crafted with materials such as the “Flame of Hongik,” which is also dropped by the bosses or crafted using “Crystallized Despairs” from Elvia Calpheon. 

New Accessories: Belt of Taebaek and Deboreka Earrings 

The “Belt of Taebaek” will be introduced along with the region. By equipping this belt, Adventurers can immediately activate a new skill, “Blessing of Taebaek.” While the cooldown duration is relatively long, Adventurers can take full advantage of the strong protective buffs it applies to them and nearby allies. 

In addition, Adventurers can now complete a set of three Deboreka accessories with the “Deboreka Earring.” Not only does it possess its own inherent attributes, but this will also play an essential role in acquiring the 3-set effect. 

Traditional Korean Housings, Carrack, and More 

As the new region inherits many aspects from the last dynastic kingdom of Korea, Joseon, Adventurers can experience unique terrain, housings, and a carrack. This includes, “Shimhyangje,” a spacious manor with rooms for decorations with new traditional furniture. 

The new carrack, the “Panokseon,” can be customized for many different purposes as it is able to hold a large crew. Adventurers can attempt to construct the Panokseon using “Sea Coins” and other materials that can be obtained in the Land of the Morning Light. 

Watch the full Developer’s Commentary Video here to learn more about the new upcoming Land of the Morning Light 

Beyond the New Region: Twin’s Awakening Classes 

For Woosa’s Awakening class launch on May 31, detailed footage of her skills and combat style were revealed. Using her hybrid combat style with a focus on mid-range attacks, she uses the souls that emerge from her book, constructed from the same type of charms that Maegu uses as a main weapon. 

Additional footage during the premiere also provides a glimpse at Maegu’s Awakening class. She wields dual fans, duplicates of her sister’s main weapon, and pierces through enemies with fiery attacks using her melee combat style. Maegu’s Awakening class will join Black Desert SEA in June. 

Watch the Twin’s Awakening trailer here.

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