Huawei Cloud and IDA Held the Media & Entertainment Summit 2023

PRNewswire May 31, 2023

Unlocking New Productivity and Innovations of Indonesia’s Digital Media Industry

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On May 30, Huawei Cloud and Indonesia Digital Association (IDA) jointly held the Media & Entertainment Summit with the theme of Unlock New Growth in Media & Entertainment with Huawei Cloud in Jakarta. Industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs from more than 80 media industry organizations, such as MNC and Kompas, had in-depth discussions on topics such as user experience improvement, content production efficiency improvement, and business model innovation, to explore new opportunities created by cloud advancement in the media & entertainment industry.

Dian Gemiano, Chairman of IDA

Dian Gemiano, Chairman of IDA, said in his speech that video has become the largest segment in Indonesia’s media & entertainment industry, which is undergoing industry transformation. Cloud technologies play an important role in the efficiency, quality, and user experience of content delivery. IDA will advance collaboration with local media & entertainment companies to promote innovation on the cloud, explore more opportunities and achieve more success.

Arifin Asydhad, Chairman of Indonesia Chief Editors Forum and Editor-in-Chief

Arifin Asydhad, Chairman of Indonesia Chief Editors Forum and Editor-in-Chief, shared his experience on media content writing: by adopting cloud technology, editors can enhance their digitization, content production and distribution capabilities. This can help them narrow the existing digital divide in the Indonesian media industry and compete more effectively in the digital age.

Rio Anugrah, Head of Corporate IT Application MNC Media and CTO of MNC Digital (RCTI+ & ROOV)

Rio Anugrah, Head of Corporate IT Application MNC Media and CTO of MNC Digital (RCTI+ & ROOV), shared their success story with Huawei Cloud. He pointed out that the increasingly fierce competition in the media & entertainment industry reveals the importance of user experience. To stay relevant, RCTI+ has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Cloud. Huawei Cloud’s Live origin server unleashes efficient video processing and distribution and data-driven resource scheduling. These capabilities helped RCTI+ smoothly broadcast the AFF Championship final game live, despite 3.3 million concurrent online users who drove the bandwidth peak to 800 Gbit/s. The final game was livestreamed to viewers at an ultra-low latency. Huawei Cloud helps RCTI+ enhance user experience and acquire more users.

Johnsons Kwok, Head of Product Development KG Media

Johnsons Kwok, Head of Product Development KG Media, presented how Huawei Cloud help to improve scalability, unlock new experience and growth, pointed out that reliable CDN help to accelerate the news content to users and scalable computing resources help to handle the breaking news or other peak traffic news.

Jamy Lyu, President of Huawei Cloud Media Service Product Dept, delivered a keynote speech entitled Media Service to Media Infrastructure: Unleashing Potential for Industries. In his speech, Mr. Lyu observed that the audio and video technology is becoming one of the core technologies that fuel industries. Adhering to the strategy of Everything as a Service, Huawei Cloud provides cloud native media infrastructure that consists of one ecosystem, two service types, three engines, and four core capabilities. Huawei Cloud leverages the scenario-specific solutions of ecosystem partners to enable the digitalization of Indonesia’s media & entertainment industry.

Jamy Lyu, President of Huawei Cloud Media Service Product Dept

One ecosystem: Huawei Cloud distills expertise of partners into cloud services and products and works with partners to build an ecosystem for industries.

Two service types: The cloud native media infrastructure of Huawei Cloud provides content production and real-time interaction services for partners and developers.

Three engines: Huawei Cloud offers cloud native graphics engine, spatial engine, and audio and video engine to enable the creation, growth, and application of digital content on the cloud.

Four core capabilities: With a focus on media, Huawei Cloud redefines cloud infrastructure capabilities, including computing, networking, AI, and blockchain, to evolve from Cloud for Computing to Cloud for Media.

At the event, the virtual avatar of Mr. Lyu introduced the core advantages of Huawei Cloud in Indonesia’s media & entertainment industry. Mr. Lyu believed that the metaverse has become a trending topic in digital economy. In the future, virtual spaces where virtual and real humans interact with each other in real time will emerge across industries, and permeate every facet of our life such as socialization, work, and entertainment. Users are interested in using virtual avatars to enter the virtual world and interact with others around the world in real time. Application providers focus on providing creative and interactive 3D applications to improve content and attract more users and traffic.

James Tan, Vice President of Solution and Sales, Huawei Cloud APAC

James Tan, Vice President of Solution and Sales, Huawei Cloud APAC, delivered a keynote speech entitled Huawei Cloud Media Infrastructure Enables Media Industry Innovation. In the speech, Mr. Tan showcased how Huawei Cloud facilitates seamless and efficient collaboration between content creators around the world to boost content production efficiency. Huawei Cloud released Workspace, the next-generation cloud office service. This service integrates design and rendering functions, supports one-click desktop sharing and remote collaborative office work, greatly improving remote office efficiency. In addition, Huawei Cloud has released the virtual human production service and built a new digital content production pipeline with partners to automate the entire procedure of virtual human creation on the cloud, including editing, modeling, rigging, control, and rendering.

To meet real-time interaction requirements, Huawei Cloud also provides media service capabilities such as OTT solution, Low Latency Live (LLL), and 3D enterprise space. Huawei Cloud is developing an OTT solution to provide customers with one-stop services covering livestreaming, VOD, media processing, and CDN for content distribution. Low Latency Live (LLL) delivers a live latency less than 800 ms and supports smooth real-time interaction between viewers and streamers. All these capabilities are catalyzing new growth of the media and entertainment industry.

Looking ahead, Huawei Cloud hopes to help the digital media industry go cloud to shatter industry barriers, and work with partners and customers to bridge the industry gap. The Huawei Cloud media infrastructure enables Indonesia’s media & entertainment industry to improve user experience and content production efficiency. Huawei Cloud will explore new business models together with the digital media industry and redefine the industry productivity with new experience, efficiency, and evolution.


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