Appier partners with Hearst Taiwan to strengthen its data monetization strategy

PRNewswire June 8, 2023

Create highly interactive content and foster stronger brand resonance with its readers through AI

TAIPEI, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hearst Taiwan boasts numerous media channels that attract over 10 million unique monthly users, solidifying its position as one of Taiwan’s leading media websites with a substantial female user base. Previously, Hearst Taiwan utilized data analytics tools in its first phase to help its clients reach a wider female audience by providing them with trendy and diverse content. Today, by leveraging Appier’s AI-powered enterprise solutions, Hearst Taiwan can utilize first-party data from its website and social media to create more precise user profiles and develop a keyword database. This enabled Hearst Taiwan’s successful upgrade to the next phase with digital user management platform, empowering them to provide better personalized communication and content recommendations.

Hearst Taiwan owns a portfolio of globally influential magazines, including the Mandarin editions of ELLE International and ELLE Accessories, Harper’s BAZAAR,, and Women’s Health. These esteemed brands provide women with a diverse range of lifestyle perspectives and inspiration. Leveraging Appier’s AI engine and comprehensive 360-degree solutions like AIQUA, BotBonnie and AIXON, Hearst Taiwan has enhanced multiple brand campaigns, delivering superior performance for its clients. Furthermore, through OMO marketing activities, personalized communication, and engaging interactive gamification campaigns, Hearst Taiwan has effectively boosted user engagement and article click-through rates. This multifaceted approach has allowed numerous premium brands to maximize their high-value target audiences, resulting in improved conversions and exceptional outcomes.

1.  ELLE Casino immersive theater event creates OMO integrated experience, achieving 70% retention rate along the user journey

In 2022, ELLE Taiwan celebrated its 31st anniversary, and held a special immersive event called “ELLE Casino” to mark the occasion. In this event, ELLE Taiwan planned online gamification activities with a unique design to encourage participants who experienced the online activities to sign up for the offline event. The online games also attracted participants who were not able to attend the offline event in person to enjoy the immersive experience online. 

To maximize the impact of the event, ELLE Taiwan meticulously collected and analyzed onsite behavior to identify users with high engagement levels. Subsequently, these targeted users were reached through in-web pop-ups, guiding them toward ELLE Taiwan’s Facebook Messenger, LINE, and other social channels. This captivating approach enticed users to actively participate in game challenges, including scratch cards and roulette draws. By doing so, ELLE Taiwan effectively warmed up for the physical event and garnered popularity. Furthermore, the brand created personalized messages for potential readers, along with built-in marketing tool kits and flexible reply mechanisms on conversational marketing platforms, to create more touch points for the “ELLE Casino” online campaign. This immersive online journey yielded impressive results, including a remarkable online user retention rate of over 70% and an outstanding event sign-up rate of 90%, successfully creating a cohesive experience from online to offline.

Image 1: ELLE Casino immersive theater event successfully guided users to interact through its social media platforms and increased the overall user retention rate to over 70%

2.  360º intelligent user profile enables personalized communication  

In addition, Hearst Taiwan leveraged Appier’s de-identification technology powered by AI and deep learning technologies to extract key attributes and perform probabilistic matching. By using first-party data obtained from onsite users, this approach enabled the establishment of 360-degree intelligent user profiles. Compared to generic notifications, personalized notifications reduced the total message volume by 80%, while simultaneously achieving a remarkable 5.5 times higher click through rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of tailored messages in driving user engagement.

Through this approach, Hearst Taiwan gained the flexibility to adapt its communication strategy for special campaigns and festivals. For example, during the transition between seasons, Hearst Taiwan promoted an article featuring a luxury brand’s latest fall/winter apparel to a selected user segment who had previously viewed fashion-related articles. By utilizing AI and insights from past engagements, Hearst Taiwan establishes meaningful connections among brand, content, and readers, thereby delivering resonant and impactful content to a wider audience.

The AI-powered intelligent data augmentation platform offers a range of marketing applications by automatically generating user tags, expanding keywords, and uncovering new interests. By analyzing the existing reader base of ELLE Taiwan, marketers gained valuable insights to effectively target potential audiences, leading to business expansion and website monetization. Additionally,  AI enabled the customization of diverse remarketing activities, such as EDM and SMS campaigns for existing loyal and high-value readers. This tailored approach enhanced the open rate or conversion rate of the brand’s own media channels and effectively leveraged AI’s predictive capabilities to understand user behavior and expand to new customer segments.

Image 2: AI-powered intelligent data augmentation platform enriched ELLE Taiwan reader profiles, predict readers’ potential behaviors, and aided in business development

3.  Diversified and interactive gamification elements to foster onsite engagement and achieve a positive cross-channel cycle 

Hearst Taiwan is dedicated to enhancing user interaction quality through creative copywriting and gamification tools. By incorporating a variety of interactive gamification elements, users can sustain their interest in the brand even when transitioning between social channels. The adaptable module settings also allowed Hearst Taiwan to implement out-of-the-box marketing ideas. For instance, the implementation of a conditions module enabled users to take personalized quizzes through chat conversations. Following the quiz, users were directed to the brand’s website to access more articles, thereby creating multiple touchpoints with potential readers and amplifying cross-channel engagement.

Figure 3: Harness the power of creative copywriting in conjunction with gamification elements to foster cross-channel social engagement

Developing a multifaceted user journey while effectively monetizing data

“In addition to fostering meaningful reader engagement through personalized communication, Hearst Taiwan hopes to leverage Appier’s expertise in AI and digital marketing to combine a variety of marketing tools to enrich users’ online journey and create more touchpoints with potential users. This holistic approach also stimulates website monetization, attracting high-quality brands to collaborate with Hearst Taiwan and further strengthening the platform’s local operations and growth momentum,” Harry Wen, Group Senior Digital Business Development Director of Hearst Taiwan, said. “This strategic direction will put us in a strong position to lead the trends and lifestyle domain.”

About Hearst Taiwan

Hearst Taiwan is the Taiwanese branch of Hearst Corporation, the largest monthly magazine publishing corporation in the world. Hearst Taiwan owns multiple globally influential magazines, including the Mandarin editions of ELLE International and ELLE Accessories, Harper’s BAZAAR,, and Women’s Health. These esteemed brands provide women with a diverse range of lifestyle perspectives and inspiration. Visit for more information.

About Appier

Appier (TSE: 4180) is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that uses artificial intelligence to power business decision-making. Founded in 2012 with a vision of democratizing AI, Appier now has 17 offices across APAC, Europe and the US, and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Visit for more company information and visit for more case study information.

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