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Beamery announces real-time workforce planning, reinventing obsolete processes unsuited to business agility

PRNewswire June 9, 2023

LONDON, June 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Beamery, the global leader in Talent Lifecycle Management, today announced a revolutionary new model for businesses to run workforce planning and make real-time decisions around hiring and talent development.

The traditional process of workforce planning – run once per year using outdated technology or unwieldy spreadsheets, and based on static and often unreliable data – does not give businesses the agility they need to pivot and make changes based on market conditions and shifting priorities. With the skills that are needed for each role changing faster than ever, leaders need the ability to build, adapt or even abandon workforce plans in real time, and the insights to know when to make the call.

Now, for the first time, companies will be able to replace these obsolete strategies with dynamic, AI-driven workforce planning that gives managers continuous insights around how best to develop their team’s skill portfolio, when to hire (and the likely costs), and when it’s faster or more efficient to source internally, upskill workers, or open a short-term project or gig.

This real-time intelligence will be provided to managers in the flow of work, inside platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, making it easier and faster for them to make the right talent decisions. Where hiring plans are falling behind, Beamery’s AI will “nudge” managers to refine hiring requirements, consider additional skills or, in certain cases, review elements of the job architecture itself. These alerts help managers adapt, stay agile and improve overall efficiency.

“With the pace of change at an all-time high, business agility has never been harder or more important,” said Sultan Saidov, President at Beamery. “To successfully build a skills-based organization that can adapt to any business scenario, companies need to be able to rely on continuous data on the skills they have today, what they will need tomorrow, and the best plan to get them there. If this process is not happening in real time, businesses run the risk of failing to fill key skills gaps or being forced into reactive, costly decisions around workforce change.”

“The skills that organizations need to be successful are changing faster than ever,” said Josh Bersin, Founder & CEO of the Josh Bersin Company. “By enabling real-time workforce planning, Beamery is enabling businesses to stay agile, build a future-fit workforce and make the right decisions around hiring, upskilling and employee development.”

About Beamery
Beamery’s Talent Lifecycle Management platform allows enterprises to create more human experiences for all talent, and unlock the skills and potential of their global workforce. We help organizations identify and acquire top talent, move the needle on DE&I, close key skill gaps and retain top performers. We’re on a mission to create equal access to work.

For more information please visit: www.beamery.com

Media Contact
Ben Slater
SVP of Marketing at Beamery


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