H3C NAVIGATE 2023 Summit Successfully Commenced: Dedication, For A Smarter Future

PRNewswire June 13, 2023

HANGZHOU, China, June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — H3C NAVIGATE 2023 Summit took place in Hangzhou, China on June 9, bringing together thousands of industry leaders, government officials, prominent researchers, digital innovators, business executives, and H3C’s ecosystem partners from around the world. Themed “Dedication, For A Smarter Future”, the summit featured a plenary session, two digital forums, over 10 new product releases and more than 100 keynote speeches. The summit highlighted emerging opportunities arising from the new policies, technologies, and business models in the digital economy, while also addressing the challenges and strategies for the ICT industry amidst the intelligence revolution.

NAVIGATE Summit 2023 takes place in Hangzhou

During the plenary session, H3C unveiled several significant developments and initiatives:

  • The private large-scale model LinSeer, a visionary innovation that provides exclusive intelligent services tailored to meet customer requirements in terms of their industry, the specific role they play within the industry, their geography and their security needs. The customized approach maximizes the value delivered to customers and, by extension, to the broader community.
  • An AI server specifically designed for large-scale model training aligning with the “AI in ALL” strategy and the evolving trends of the intelligent era. The server reduces the training time for large language models by 70%. H3C has also launched the world’s first 51.2T, 800G silicon photonic data center switch, a crucial component for the AI-generated content (AIGC) intelligent computing network. Additionally, H3C upgraded AMPHA, the Advanced Management Platform for HPC and AI to optimize heterogeneous computing power scheduling, facilitating accelerated intelligent innovation.
  • A new brand strategy of “Dedication, For A Smarter Future”, marking H3C’s entry into the new era of intelligence. With a strong commitment to cloud and AI-native technologies and a focus on customer application scenarios, H3C has developed industry-leading digital solutions and is actively driving digital transformation through its ever-evolving “Digital Brain”. This positions H3C as one of the most trusted partners across all industries.

“In response to the ongoing trends, such as AIGC, businesses must not only strategically align their investments and embrace change through extensive collaboration,” stated Brighten Li, Chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup. “The commitment of Tsinghua Unigroup and H3C is to create value for users and enhance the quality of life for a broader population through their collaborative efforts with partners.”

Brighten Li, Chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup

Early 2023, AIGC marked a significant milestone in the field of artificial intelligence, initiating a new era of industrial development. “In the age of AI, individuals need to broaden their knowledge, businesses need to explore new opportunities, and industries need to address the challenges posed by new and emerging forms of competition,” emphasized Tony Yu, CEO & President of H3C. “In order to navigate the new era, H3C has already started and will continue to leverage its cloud and AI-native technologies as well as customer application scenarios to create outstanding digital solutions that respond to human needs by embracing the mission of ‘Instilling Empathy in AI’. H3C strives to be the most reliable partner for customers across all industries by expediting intelligent digital transformation through a continuously evolving digital brain.”

Tony Yu, CEO & President of H3C

H3C CEO and President Tony Yu, unveiled a fresh interpretation of the brand, with “H” signifying “Highly” (higher, faster, and stronger) and “3C” representing “Creative, Caring, and Credible”. These developments showcase H3C’s unwavering commitment to building and maintaining customer trust through its ongoing pursuit of technological innovation and its provision of professional and thoughtful services.

Embracing new trends, fostering innovation, and spearheading the AI revolution through cutting-edge technologies

Steven Yoe, Co-President of H3C, CTO & Chairman of Technical Committees, highlighted the significance of its “AIGC Openness Strategy”, which relies on the continuous enhancement of ICT infrastructure. “This strategic approach reinforces the ‘LinSeer + H3C ICT computing power infrastructure’ model, ensuring data security and seamless coordination. It also accommodates the ‘the user-selected large-scale model + H3C ICT computing power infrastructure’ model, catering to a wide range of customer expectations.”

Steven Yoe, Co-President of H3C, CTO & Chairman of Technical Committees

A successful business model relies on the positive returns of AIGC’s comprehensive input and output. This necessitates strong end-to-end intelligent digital platform capabilities that align with today’s business requirements for computing power resources, network connectivity, energy conservation in tandem with sustainable practices, data processing efficiency, security protection, and unified operation and maintenance. Addressing these requirements, H3C has released more than ten new products: the UniServer G6 series servers, H3C intelligent computing solution, a new-generation data center switch, all-optical network flagship product S7500X-G+50G-PON, AI-native Wi-Fi 7 full-scenario AP, 5G deterministic network solution, new-generation liquid cooling solution, Oasis Platform 3.0, Firewall M9000-X and U-Center 5.0. H3C has also established an operating system (OS) layout by incorporating the NingOS Host Operating System, Comware Network Operating System, MegaOS Terminal Operating System.

“H3C’s mission and vision is to provide tailored digital solutions to all industries while enhancing business performance and efficiency through the application of computing power, data and intelligence,” emphasized Zhang Peng, Senior Vice President of H3C, CDO & Director of the Digital China Institute. “By harnessing the unique and dedicated advantages of the private large-scale model LinSeer, H3C is committed to optimizing AI technology, customizing general capabilities, and ensuring user-friendliness in comprehensive applications. The aim is to drive digital transformation across diverse industries through the power of AI.”

Collaborating and innovating to forge a new landscape in the digital intelligence era

China has witnessed rapid economic growth over the past 40 years and is poised to shift towards innovation-driven growth in the future,” stated Zhang Weiying, Boya Chair Professor of National School of Development, Peking University, and Director of Peking University Center for Market and Network Economy. “This transition requires not only innovative entrepreneurs who can unleash their imagination and creativity, but also a system that fosters innovation and instills confidence in the future.”

Innovations and breakthroughs, including AIGC, have played a crucial role in advancing the construction of Digital China by driving transformative changes. Simultaneously, diverse applications across various scenarios contribute to the ongoing process of transformation. Guided by its vision of “Dedication, For A Smarter Future”, H3C is committed to facilitating the continuous improvement of the cloud and AI native digital platform through sustained investment in innovation. By empowering industry scenario reconstruction through digital innovation, H3C aims to maximize data value and become a “navigator” in the intelligent era, facilitating transformation across all industries.

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