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H3C Makes a Striking Impact at MWC Shanghai 2023

PRNewswire July 4, 2023

Digitalization and Intelligence, Innovation for a Smarter Future

SHANGHAI, July 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — H3C showcased a full range of leading products and solutions in cloud, networking, computing, storage, terminals, security, and O&M at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2023 (MWC Shanghai 2023), one of the telecommunications industry’s most important annual events.

At the exhibition, under the theme “Digitalization and Intelligence, Innovation for a Smarter Future”, H3C’s product lineup highlighted key technology advancements in five industry segments: AI data centers, intelligent transport networks, next-generation infrastructure, new-generation all-optical networks, and innovative 5G solutions. H3C also demonstrated its best practices and ability to drive the digital transformation of telecoms operators as well as many of the industries that will drive the businesses of tomorrow.

The presence at such an important event further solidified the reputation of the H3C brand, demonstrating its industry leadership and pioneering approach to developing new products and services, while highlighting the trust that leading clients have in the brand. MWC Shanghai 2023 opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 28.

Rolling out products with substantially enhanced computing power to usher in the AIGC era

At MWC Shanghai 2023, H3C demonstrated its strong full-stack capabilities to help build a computing network that can deliver the required level of computing power.

Ensure the boost in computing power comes from environmentally responsible, energy-efficient sources

H3C has rolled out a full-stack liquid cooling solution that includes diverse heterogeneous computing servers, switches, core routers, liquid cooling infrastructure, and O&M management services, enabling data centers to acquire a smarter computing infrastructure that is more efficient, reliable and respectful of the environment. Additionally, H3C offers professional lifecycle services to assure that the efficiencies and the environmental responsibility extends beyond product to enable a new era of energy-efficient practices across the data center industry.

Building networks that are efficient and reliable

To meet the stringent network requirements of industrial manufacturing and extended reality (XR) scenarios, H3C has developed a 5G+ deterministic networking solution that achieves efficient bidirectional data communication and remote industrial precision control, overcoming differences and limitations of media, access methods, and service types, while efficiently delivering end-to-end deterministic transmission in all scenarios. In addition, the flagship H3C M9000-X18 firewall can accommodate the surge in business growth with its industry-leading 8.0Tbps throughput and 400G interface board.

Supporting integrated development of computing networks

In response to the ongoing nationwide integration of computing and networking that will become the basis for the technological world of tomorrow, H3C is already pioneering the convergence of five core elements: computing, networking, security, intelligence, and utilization. With computing power at the center and networking as the foundation, it provides integrated security and utilizes the computing-networking intelligence as the core. The approach aims to create an integrated solution for computing and networking, which is applied innovatively in various scenarios, including cloud desktops, video analysis, cloud gaming, and more.

Meeting the demand for computing power across industries

In the era of AIGC, H3C has partnered with operators to accelerate the adoption of industry-wide large-scale AI models. Through the newly-released intelligent computing center full-stack solution, H3C combines AI servers, seamless networking, and the AMPHA Computing Power Platform. The collaborative effort aims to create versatile computing engines and empower businesses across various sectors in embracing the AIGC era.

Building an ecosystem that encompasses the cloud, networks, computing, storage and edge to enhance the level of digital intelligence empowerment

Throughout its history, H3C has consistently dedicated itself to being a reliable partner to its customers on the digital transformation journey. At MWC Shanghai 2023, H3C showcased its comprehensive end-to-end cloud-networks-computing-storage-edge ecosystem. This exhibition fully demonstrated H3C’s powerful technological leadership, which lies at the core of supporting the high-quality and sustainable development of the digital economy.

Cloud: To unlock the value of data, H3C introduced the next-generation Oasis Platform 3.0, a full-stack data service that offers six categories of service capabilities, including data consulting, to assist data centers in tailoring enterprise data standards and governance rules, identifying and exploiting the value of their data, and bridging the final gap in data application integration.

Networking: H3C has established a dominant position in the high-end router market with its high-performance CR19000 cluster routers. These products have successfully passed extensive testing by China’s three main operators and are being deployed in the metropolitan area networks (MANs) in several provinces, further enhancing the overall competitiveness of H3C in the operator market.

Computing: In the realm of intelligent computing, H3C showcased cutting-edge technologies such as the H3C UniServer R5300 G6 hybrid computing engine and the flagship H3C UniServer R5500 G6 intelligent computing product, demonstrating its superiority in supporting large-scale AI scenarios.

Storage: H3C unveiled three featured products at the exhibition: X18000 G6, X10529H G5, and X10536 G6 in the intelligent storage domain. These products not only demonstrate exceptional performance but also incorporate AI into storage management. They offer tailored service levels for diverse applications, ensuring enhanced stability and reliability.

Edge: At the booth, visitors witnessed the H3C MagicHub powered by MegaOS enabling seamless interconnection among various devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. With its screen mirroring functionality supporting both Android and Windows 10, the solution facilitates real-time content sharing and seamless task continuity, making cross-device interactions more intuitive and promoting greater human-machine collaboration.

H3C also showcased its leading capabilities in data security, cloud security, and the U-Center 5.0 O&M platform, which seamlessly combines personnel, tools, and effective management to help organizations achieve their security and O&M objectives, elevating the overall level of IT service management.

Digital intelligence and innovation: catalyzing transformation and empowering industries 

Recently, H3C unveiled its brand strategy of “Dedication, For a Smarter Future” at the H3C NAVIGATE 2023 Summit. With a focus on the exciting opportunities brought about by new policies, technologies and business formats in the digital economy, H3C is committed to deepening its understanding of customer needs and delivering practical solutions. By imbuing dedication, H3C aims to be at the forefront of digitalization by offering leading-edge digital solutions spanning government, education, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing, among other industries.

The true benefits of digital innovation can only be realized when it is integrated into specific industrial contexts. H3C is committed to developing the most advanced digital innovation technology and collaborating closely with operators to support digital transformation across all industries.

At the booth, H3C also deployed a new methodology to showcase its products and solutions: a 3D visualization solution using 8 scenario-based sand tables. H3C even took it a step further by combining 3D visualization with AIGC to create an interactive holographic experience, allowing visitors to witness the fusion of digital and physical spaces. To further enhance the immersive experience, H3C set up a digital intelligence lifestyle experience area, showcasing practical examples of cloud desktops and a range of intelligent terminals, enabling guests to witness firsthand the advancements in smart homes and offices.

Looking ahead, H3C will forge closer partnerships with operators, fostering comprehensive cooperation to collectively address market challenges and seize opportunities. H3C aims to be at the forefront of technological innovation and development, unlocking the boundless potential across all industries unleashed by the ongoing convergence of the digital and AI worlds.

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