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Earn Alliance Launches New Social Platform and Launchpad with 2400+ Web3 Games After Surpassing 500K Game Mints

PRNewswire July 19, 2023

HONG KONG, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Earn Alliance, the largest web3 gaming aggregator and social platform that empowers gamers, game developers, and communities to connect, explore, and thrive in the world of web3 gaming, is excited to announce the launch of its newest version today. This will include its game-centric launchpad and content aggregator that brings together over 2400+ game Tweets, Discord announcement, and Twitter spaces. To celebrate the version launch, Earn Alliance is offering two special limited-time Welcome Bonus and Twitter Badge Mint Event from July 17th to July 31st, 2023.

The introduction of these significant improvements is a major milestone for Earn Alliance. It demonstrates their dedication to helping billions of gamers to discover enjoyable Web3 games as the first step to growing the web3 gaming industry.

With 40% of web3 games expected to go live in the next 12 to 18 months, representing a massive wave of adoption, Earn Alliance aims to help games connect to global audiences through its launchpad, “Rocket Launcher“. This allows gamers and web3 enthusiasts to complete Missions, which may involve playing the game itself, to earn a game utility-backed NFT.

Earn Alliance has established partnerships with prominent web3 games like BigTime, Kingdom Story, Stella Fantasy, and Gods Unchained, resulting in the creation of 500,000 NFTs in the past six months. Remarkably, some game communities experienced growth of up to 362% in as little as 10 minutes through this groundbreaking feature. This innovative approach encourages both new and existing gamers to actively participate in these games, fostering a higher level of engagement and immersion in the web3 gaming realm. This year’s significant milestone of minting over 500,000 NFTs on the Earn Alliance platform demonstrates its substantial impact within the web3 gaming community.

Since the launch of Earn Alliance’s public alpha version in April 2023, The Wall has become a popular feature, an intelligent news feed that can be filtered down based on genre, gameplay, theme, marketplace and more for users. It also includes a daily rewards system offering users the opportunity to win exciting rewards on a regular basis. In May 2023, Earn Alliance attracted an impressive number of 170,000 unique visitors.

The platform also focuses on making the games easily discoverable to users through the largest web3 Game Directory built by the unified effort of the Earn Alliance community.

“With the same focus on intuitive user experience and to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our current users and onboard millions of gamers, the newest platform version offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help game developers grow or engage their community through gamified NFT mints or being discovered on our content aggregator,” said Joseph Cooper, founder and CEO of Earn Alliance. “This is only the beginning. After all, it’s about making web3 gaming fun and enjoyable which will underpin the mass adoption of the next evolution of game economies, the new novel way of gaming. We will continue to build new features and tools that focus on creating real-life value for our users and game studios who believe in this space.”

Here are the latest updates and features implemented on Earn Alliance:

  1. Enhanced User Interface: The display and functionalities of The Wall, Game Directory, and Rocket Launcher have been optimized with new features for smoother navigation, easy content browsing, and a visually appealing experience.
  2. Simplified Sign-in and Sign-up: The sign-in and sign-up process has been streamlined for improved efficiency and for users without a wallet or understanding of blockchain tech.
  3. Seamless Wallet Connection: Earn Alliance has streamlined wallet connection by utilizing the ThirdWeb Wallet SDK, ensuring effortless integration. Users can now easily access Minting features and enjoy support for BNB Chain games.
  4. Multiple Wallet Management: Users now have the flexibility to connect and manage multiple wallets within their Earn Alliance account, simplifying NFT management.

Limited Time Offer to Mint Twitter Badge and Welcome Bonus

During this event, users can mint a single tier of the Twitter Badge. Existing users will also have the chance to mint an additional Badge, increasing their Power. New users are also invited to mint their own Badge, unlocking exclusive daily rewards.

New users who sign up for Welcome Bonus will receive a total of 20 free $ALLY tokens by following these steps:

  • Create an account and link social media profiles to receive 5 $ALLY tokens.
  • Mint a Twitter badge for an additional 5 $ALLY tokens and 50 Power.
  • Collect the daily chest to earn 10 $ALLY tokens.

About Earn Alliance:

Earn Alliance is the largest web3 game aggregator and social platform that empowers the growth of connections between gamers and game developers. The platform is a centralized hub where gamers can access hundreds of games, news, updates, and engaging content. It has aggregated over 2000 web3 game social and content feeds and has helped games such as BigTime, Kingdom Story, Stella Fantasy and Gods Unchained, mint 500k NFTs in 2023, and grew game communities by up to 362% in as little as 10 minutes. Earn Alliance aims to be the first self-serviceable NFT launch platform exclusively for games, allowing for easy minting across the website browser, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

For more information, visit: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Discord

Download Earn Alliance App: Google Play Store | Apple Store


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