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The Artistic Fusion@Broadway Art Exhibition Crossover Showcases the First 3-Meter Inflatables Art of Chocolate Rain and Frog King in Broadway Sydney

PRNewswire September 26, 2023

SYDNEY, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Internationally renowned artists Chocolate Rain (Ms. Prudence Mak) and Frog King (Mr. Kwok Man Ho) are embarking on their first-ever collaboration, featuring over 50 artworks and 3D creations. The exhibition, The Artistic Fusion@Broadway, will take place at Broadway Shopping Centre’s Ground Floor from 16th October to 22nd October 2023. The highlight of the event will be a monumental 3-meter inflatable art installation, promising a unique and immersive artistic experience for all visitors.

When Boundless Inspiration Meets Unrestrained Imagination

In a remarkable convergence of artistic styles, 72-year-old Frog King continues to radiate boundless inspiration, while Chocolate Rain, celebrated for her unfettered embrace of childhood dreams and limitless imagination, seamlessly melds contemporary animation, manga aesthetics, and pop art in her creations. Frog King, renowned for his work in multimedia, conceptual and visual art, as well as performance art since

1967, has made a substantial impact on the global art scene through over 3,000 appearances in art events worldwide. His pioneering contributions in the early 1970s firmly established him as a trailblazer in Hong Kong’s contemporary art landscape.

Frog King’s Performance Art Inspires Chocolate Rain’s new Fiberglass Creation!

Chocolate Rain is a brand that transports people to beautiful and dreamy stories set in a world of imagination. A limited- edition fiberglass sculpture inspired by Frog King’s performance art, complete with a handmade necklace accentuating its uniqueness will be presented in this exhibition. In addition to this, Chocolate Rain will also showcase over 20 new fancy paintings, adding a vibrant and colorful dimension to the exhibition. Moreover, the exhibition introduces Frog King’s latest collection, “Boundless Impression,” featuring 15 debut artworks at Broadway Shopping Centre.

The Artistic Fusion at Broadway, Sydney

The art exhibition will also showcase the creations of two local artists, Ms. Aileen Ancog from the Philippines, and Prof. Huang Wen Xian from China. These artists will draw inspiration from their distinct cultural backgrounds to breathe new life into landscape paintings, resulting in a captivating and fresh perspective. This collision of cultures promises to ignite an artistic fusion that is bound to captivate the Sydney art scene.

The Artistic Fusion@Broadway Art Exhibition:
Dates: 16th to 22nd October 2023 (Monday to Sunday)
Opening Hours: 10am to 5pm
Venue: Ground floor, Broadway Sydney, 1 Bay Street, Glebe, NSW 2037

Organizer: New Point Art
Public enquiry hotline: 1300 155 928

Free Entry



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About the Artists:
Prudence Mak, Chocolate Rain

Prudence Mak is the founder and design director of the Hong Kong creative brand, Chocolate Rain. Her artworks depict the stories of Hong Kong. She pursued her Master’s degree at Central Saint Martins in London. In 2010, she was selected as one of Hong Kong’s Top Ten Outstanding Designers, and in 2012, she was named one of Hong Kong’s Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons. In 2017, she received the GoodSeed Award for her social innovation project “Hong Kong Fairy Tales,” and her book won the 2017 Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Award. From 2011 to 2016, her works were exhibited and featured in related merchandise at the British Museum.

Kwok Man Ho, Frog King

Kwok Mang Ho, also known as “Frog King”, is a multi-media, conceptual, visual and performance artist from Hong Kong. He is one of Hong Kong’s earliest conceptual artists, and has been a pioneering influence on the art world ecology within the city since the 1970s. Kwok has produced numerous performances, sculptures, paintings and installations in over 3,000 art events all over the world since 1967. He received numerous awards; His works are in local and overseas museums and private collections and were featured at the Hong Kong Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011. He is recognized as one of the top 30 finalists artist by The Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2005.

Aileen Ancog

Aileen Ancog is an artist and registered nurse based in Sydney, originally from the Philippines with a background in New Zealand. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors that convey a celebration of life, positivity, and meaningful connections. Aileen specializes in creating small, original floral paintings bursting with vivid colors. These artworks are designed to bring joy and happiness to collectors, capturing the beauty of nature’s blooms in a uniquely charming way.

Prof. Huang Wen

Xian  Professor Huang Wen Xian is a highly acclaimed artist known for his mastery of watercolour. He currently holds the position of Chair Professor of Design Architecture at Guangxi Art University and serves as the Vice President of the Architecture Design School at Guangxi Arts College. His art has been featured in numerous exhibitions and museums, showcasing his talent and creative prowess.

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