The Simpson Movie premiere in Sydney in 2007.
The Simpson family on the yellow carpet at The Simpson Movie premiere in Sydney in 2007. (Tracey Nearmy/AAP IMAGES)

D’oh! Simpsons’ claim is a case of mistaken identity

Kate Atkinson February 27, 2023

The Simpsons aired an episode about weather manipulation.


False. The claim is based on three clips from separate episodes. The weather manipulation footage is from an episode of fellow US animation American Dad!

A Facebook video claims to show an episode of The Simpsons about weather manipulation.

The post (screenshot here) follows recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and Cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand, which many social media users have falsely blamed on weather modification or geo-engineering.

It’s the latest in a long list of claims related to The Simpsons supposedly predicting major worldwide events, including the monkeypox outbreak, Queen Elizabeth II’s death, George Floyd’s arrest, vaccine mandate trucker protests in Canada and the COVID-19 pandemic. These claims are often based on edited, out of context clips or fabricated images.

It is claimed an episode of The Simpsons depicts cloud seeding.
 It is claimed an episode of The Simpsons depicts cloud seeding. 

This video is no different. The clip is an edit of three different episodes – one of which comes from a separate television show called American Dad! – made to look like an episode of The Simpsons which features a plotline about chemtrails and weather manipulation.

“We already talked about how they show the whole truth through The Simpsons… Their creepiest to date!” the caption says.

The first clip featuring Homer and Otto falling through the earth’s core comes from episode six of the 11th season of The Simpsons, titled, “Hello Gutter, Hello Fader“. In the original episode, Homer jumps from a tall building but is saved by Otto, who is bungee jumping. They fall through a manhole and encounter various subterranean creatures including Hans Moleman, who is operating an earthquake machine.

Lismore flooding in 2022
 Several claims have linked weather manipulation to disasters such as the Lismore flooding, pictured. 

The second scene comes from “Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington,” the 14th episode of the 14th season. In this plotline, the Simpsons’ home becomes inhabitable due to aeroplane noise, so Krusty the Clown gets elected to Congress and passes a bill to change the flight path. There is no mention of weather manipulation or chemtrails in this episode.

The last part of the video is from a different animated television show, American Dad! The clip is taken from episode nine of season 11, titled, “Anchorfran“, where Stan Smith asks “CIA Weather Control” to launch a “sub-polar tornado-cane” in order to reunite two other characters.

The video was originally posted on TikTok, but has been shared multiple times on Facebook and Instagram, with other examples here and here.

The Verdict

The claim that The Simpsons aired an episode about weather manipulation is false. The video uses three clips from separate episodes, including one that comes from a different television show called American Dad!

There is no reference to weather manipulation in either of the episodes of The Simpsons.

False – The claim is inaccurate.

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