Anthony Field performs with The Wiggles
Anthony Field performs with The Wiggles before the Australia-US women's soccer match on November 27. Image by Dan Himbrechts/AAP IMAGES

Red flag raised over false claim of blue Wiggle’s death

AAP FactCheck December 17, 2021

Anthony Field of Australian children's music group The Wiggles has died.


False. Anthony Field is still alive.

A Facebook post claims Anthony Field, a founding member of The Wiggles, has died. 

An account named “A page where a new celebrity passes away every day” posted an image of Field on December 5 with the caption: “RIP Anthony Field, best known for his escapades with The Wiggles. The world is certainly feeling blue today. 1963-2021.”

However, a spokesperson for the children’s musical group confirmed to AAP FactCheck in an email that Field is still alive and an active member of The Wiggles.

“I can confirm that Anthony, the blue wiggle, is very much alive and well, and looking forward to touring with The Wiggles on their upcoming Fruit Salad TV Big Show and OG tours next year,” they said.

It is not the first time Field has been falsely rumoured to be dead. In August, he tweeted a screenshot of his Wikipedia page which showed his date of death as the day before.

Several photos of Field have appeared on his social media profiles since around the time the post was published. The same day it was posted, Field shared a selfie with his daughter on Instagram, while on December 10 he tweeted a photo of himself with Balmain rugby league greats Gary Jack and Garry Freeman. Jack posted on Twitter that the get-together took place that day.

The entertainer also lampooned the latest death post on Instagram with a cheeky caption that read: “I’m not sure how I went this time, but it’s happened again!”

Field is booked to travel across Australia with The Wiggles in February 2022 to perform on the Fruit Salad TV Big Show tour and then in March he will join the Great Wiggly Road Trip Tour for another 15 dates. He is also performing on the OG Reunion Tour with fellow founding members of The Wiggles from February to May.

AAP FactCheck has previously debunked various death hoaxes, including for Hollywood stars Clint Eastwood and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Verdict

The claim that Anthony Field is dead is false. A spokesperson for The Wiggles told AAP FactCheck that the band member is very much alive. His social media accounts also remain active, and he is booked to tour with the group in 2022.

False The claim is inaccurate.

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