About AAP FactCheck

AAP FactCheck is an IFCN-accredited organisation that combats misinformation on social media and in the public discourse.

Our dedicated team of experienced journalists and researchers provide accurate and impartial analysis on a broad range of topics daily.

AAP FactCheck is committed to truth and accuracy.

Our conclusions about the veracity of news and social media content are formed through rigorous questioning, careful consideration of evidence and verification using multiple sources.

The work of AAP FactCheck journalists is subjected to a strenuous review process in which the investigation processes and final report are cross-checked and challenged. We do not editorialise or impose value judgments on the subject matter and we do not focus on one issue, one side of an argument or one source.

The AAP FactCheck team are experienced journalists trained in traditional and digital fact-checking methods. They work within a framework that is approved by the AAP Standards committee, compliant with AAP’s broader editorial standards and equal to industry best practice. We meet the highest international standards and are accredited with the Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network.

We welcome submissions from the public and media, and can be contacted at factcheck@aap.com.au with any suggestions or feedback.

For more information about AAP FactCheck‘s efforts to safeguard democracy click this link.