Journalism’s best training program back at AAP with support from Google

AAP May 27, 2022

AAP’s widely respected industry-leading traineeship program will return in 2022 thanks to a new partnership with Google.

The independent national newswire has trained hundreds of young journalists over its 87-year history with rigorous on-the-ground experience in news gathering, plus specific instruction in important areas including media ethics, law and privacy.

In 2022, AAP will hire four trainees from diverse backgrounds who will also be trained in social media as a source for news gathering, digital analytics and fact checking. In addition to their traditional rotations through different parts of the newsroom including a regional bureau, they will spend time with the team at AAP FactCheck, learning how to spot and assess various sources of misinformation.

“As a former AAP cadet myself, I know the value of the training this company has provided, so I’m delighted Google is supporting us to bring the program back after a two year gap,” CEO Lisa Davies said.

“Factual, objective journalism must remain the cornerstone of our media landscape, and this partnership with Google allows us to instil that ethos into a new generation of reporters for the benefit of both AAP and the wider news ecosystem.”

Google’s head of News Lab, Uma Patel, said: “Diversity in newsrooms is a key focus area for us. We are excited to collaborate with AAP on this important initiative, which will increase diversity in the newsrooms and bring fact-based reporting to a broader audience”

Applications for the July 2022 AAP traineeships will open in June.

The AAP trainee program builds on a training collaboration that began in early May, with AAP facilitating the rollout of free Google News Initiative (GNI) training to media outlets around Australia.

With a focus on journalists working outside major metropolitan newsrooms, the training – delivered by Google News Lab’s Training Fellow Mridula Amin – is designed to support digital story-telling and enhance online verification skills.

Coupled with AAP’s role in delivering the Australian elements of GNI’s Youth Verification Challenge, it represents a significant investment in the promotion of fact-based and innovative news reporting in Australia.

“As a not-for-profit media business, AAP is committed to our charitable objectives around supporting the development and use of accurate and objective journalism, and we are grateful to have the support of Google in this endeavour,” Ms Davies said.