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Offering Insights into Global Finance in Jeollabuk-do, a Regionally-Driven Global Economic Network

PRNewswire September 16, 2022

The 3rd GENIE Forum to be Held.

  • A global network of 11 collaborative organizations, including Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development, Jeollabuk-do, JeonjuCity and the National Pension Service
  • Held in JeonjuHanok Village area for two days, from Sep. 22 (Thu.) to Sep. 23 (Fri.)
  • On-site participation available via pre-registration at the official forum website

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jeollabuk-do (Governor Kim Kwan-Young) announced that the 3rd GENIE* Forum will be held in the JeonjuHanok Village area, including Lahan Hotel, for two days from Sep. 22 (Thu.) to Sep. 23 (Fri.).

*GENIE: Global Emerging Network In Economy

The GENIE Forum is a global economic network event hosted by Jeollabuk-do and 11 organizations,* including the Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development (Chairman Woo Dong-Ki), Jeonju City (Mayor WooBeom-gi), and the National Pension Service (Chairman Kim Tae-hyun).

* Jeollabuk-do, Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development, Jeonju City, National Pension Service, Korea Productivity Center, Korea Startup Association, Korea SMEs and Startups Agency, Climate Change Center, World Culture Open, KAIST,Dongnesamchons

This year’s GENIE Forum celebrates its third anniversary, organizing and holding two main events (Opening Ceremony, Jeonbuk International Finance Conference) and six related events (Balanced Development Conference, STORAGE DEMODAY, Climate‧Environment Seminar, 2022 Better Together Challenge, Green Dialogue, and Open Presentation).

The main events of the forum,the Opening Ceremony of the GENIE Forum and the Jeonbuk International Finance Conference (JIFIC), will be held at Lahan Hotel on September 22, and various related events will be held in the JeonjuHanok Village area, including the JeonjuHanbyuk Cultural Center and the Korea Traditional Culture Center.

Members of the GENIE Forum Organizing Committee and heads of major related organizations will gather in the Opening Ceremony, held on Sep. 22 (Thu.) at Lahan Hotel, while global asset management experts will hold discussions under the theme, “The Future of Asset Management and The Role of Regional Finance” during the Jeonbuk International Finance Conference.

Latest global issues such as balanced development, climate change and regional education will be addressed in six related events: Balanced Development Conference (Sep. 22,Giwa&Maru Hall, Lahan Hotel Jeonju), STORAGE DEMODAY (Sep. 23, Lahan Hotel), Climate‧Environment Seminar (Sep. 23, Korea Traditional Culture Center), 2022 Better Together Challenge (Sep. 23, JeonjuHanbyuk Cultural Center), Open Presentations (Sep. 23, Lahan Hotel) and Green Dialogue (Sep. 23, JeonjuHanok Village area).

All events will be livestreamed via the official YouTube account of the GENIE Forum, and general participants who wish to participate onsite may attend after pre-registration via the GENIE Forum official website (http://www.genieforum.org).

*Naver Blog: https://blog.naver.com/genieforum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GENIEforum2020/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/genie_forum/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/%EC%A7%80%EB%8B%88%ED%8F%AC%EB%9F%BC

Jeollabuk-do Governor Kim Kwan-Young, Co-Chairman of the GENIE Forum Organizing Committee, said, “It is meaningful to hold the 3rd GENIE Forum in Jeollabuk-do, which is ready to take a new leap forward as a global financial hub, where experts and scholars leading the global finance and economy will come together. This forum in Jeollabuk-do will offer insights in global economy.”

SOURCE The 3rd GENIE Forum

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