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Wel-Bloom Launches Delicious Jelly Supplement Edibles, A New Milestone in Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

PRNewswire September 30, 2022

TAIPEI, Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan based dietary supplement manufacturer Wel-Bloom has launched its revolutionary form technology — Nutri-Crypt® and Nu-fusion™, as well as its efficacy platform centered on cell-based assays at its recent Innovative Technology Online Forum. The event held in July this year saw world-renowned biomedical scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors gather to grasp the business opportunities of precision nutrition, cell-based assays, and new business solutions.

Wel-Bloom, as a dietary supplement manufacturer, has diligently offered professional nutritional supplements customized for functional food since 1999, establishing itself as an original design manufacturer expert in health supplements and functional food for over two decades. Harnessing its global business network, Wel-Bloom provides innovative products, complete service systems, marketing analyses, product development, integrated supply chain, and high-quality control procedures to help its clients. It is the pioneer and first GMP-certified professional functional jelly manufacturer in Taiwan.

Demand for Jelly supplements set to skyrocket

Although the health food industry is still dominated by tablets and capsules OEM service, research shows that the product forms of health food in recent years have gradually moved from traditional forms to a more diverse and functional direction. Among them, new dosage forms such as jelly, powder, and liquid have become the way forward for supplements produced by dietary supplement manufacturer’s such as Wel-Bloom.

Without adding preservatives, food safety concerns may arise if sterilization is not completed thoroughly but with two years of constant development and innovation, Wel-Bloom successfully overcame these challenges and launched Fresh Jelly.

Fresh Jelly solves many of the issues surrounding making jelly dosages, problems such as hydration, gelatinization, layer separation, firmness, and compatibility of nutrients with different properties. While active ingredients cannot be preserved with high-temperature sterilization, Fresh Jelly has the answer with its unique properties.

Making it easier for the body

The technology behind Fresh Jelly, Nutri-Crypt® is Wel-Bloom’s crystal pellet technology capable of masking strong odours of ingredients where needed, increasing nutrition absorption, and prolonging active ingredient activity.  Nutri-Crypt® is applicable to various dosage forms: FRESH Jelly®, paste, liquid, and powder.

Nu-fusion™ is Wel-Bloom’s exclusive submicronization technology capable of overcoming the limitations of liposoluble ingredients, making it easier for the body to absorb and utilize supplements efficiently to increase bioavailability by an impressive 1500%.

The exclusive ultra-micron manufacturing process allows particles to progress beyond the micron level, enhancing absorption in the small intestine. The hydrophilic coating has a special structure which stabilizes nutrient activity. Finally, the highly stable matrix allows nutrients to be dispersed homogeneously, increasing taste and smoothness.

Partnering with the most prestigious university in Taiwan
Intending to be the most reliable dietary supplement manufacturer, Wel-Bloom went a step further by launching its efficacy platform in conjunction with the most prestigious university in Taiwan, the most prestigious university in Taiwan, dedicated to providing its customers with accurate information about nutrients and technological innovation to safeguard consumer safety.

To date, Wel-Bloom has expanded into the Southeast Asian market and hopes to continue establishing more partnerships across the APAC region. The company and its products have obtained many quality assurances and supplement food recognitions, including the halal certification in 2012. Wel-Bloom remains committed to pursuing perfection and its insistence to serve in a bid to gain and maintain its clients’ trust.

About Wel-Bloom

Since 1999, Wel-Bloom has continuously offered professional services for functional foods and supplements. It seeks to create a global network, not only to create products but to build a complete servicing system from market analysis to product registry.

For more information, please visit https://welbloom.en.taiwantrade.com/


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