Upstairs’ 10,000 “Nifty Hands” Collection Sold Out Within 60 Hours, Displays Incredible Community Support, Despite Only One Purchase Limit Per User.

PRNewswire October 17, 2022

SINGAPORE, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —, Asia’s first custodial NFT Marketplace has successfully sold out their first curated NFT collection following their grand debut on 10th October, 2022. The NFT Marketplace previously launched a limited-edition commemorative digital collectible offered to their first 888 users to claim which went out of stock within an hour. Following their debut success and a showcase of the platform’s smart and user-friendly design, the Marketplace launched their first-ever curated collection on their Marketplace on 13th October, 2022 (UTC+8).

Their first premium NFT collection dubbed “NIFTY HANDS,” which included 10,000 dangerously charming 3D renditions of Rock, Paper, Scissors that was related to their $450,000 USDT Referral Giveaway Event was sold out within 60 hours. This duration also included a scheduled 8 hours maintenance that was planned during the mint event. As the CEO of Upstairs, Rex Teo mentioned, “We’ve kept our UI simple to allow even those new to the space to mint NFTs easily. Our community also understands the inherent value of curated NFT collections which is why we were able to sell out at a fast speed”. The collection is now fully sold out and users that would like to get their hands on these NFTs would have to purchase it on Upstairs’ secondary market. The platform has since teased its upcoming interactive Marketplace capability that will reward its most loyal users.

This news has also kept users on their toes and sparked discussions on Upstairs’ community chats with anticipation of their next upcoming release. It is also rumored that users would need to own an NFT from their next collection in order to participate in a “certain activity in the future”. Upstairs has yet to officially announce the next collection but an admin of their community chat leaked that “it will be an important release and users that participate in their earliest collections will not be disappointed“.

Upstairs is an ideal alternative for individuals wishing to invest in NFTs or collect them as collectibles. Prior to each listing, Upstairs will establish a contract with the IP supplier and the artist to assure exclusivity. Anyone familiar with the market understands how exclusivity raises the value of NFTs. The portal will provide a wide range of collections after its launch on October 10, 2022. Many people may be restless waiting for their next announcement, but remember that Upstairs is well worth the wait.

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